Who We Are

Islamco Academy is a distinguished academy in the field of teaching the Holy Quran and the Arabic language. Based on our personal responsibility as Muslims to spread the teachings of our Islamic religion and to help our non-Arab Muslim brothers in learning the Noble Quran and its great language, we have established this academy to be a beacon in the path of learning the Islamic religion.
With a few mouse clicks, you can access a group of comprehensive courses that help you achieve your lofty goal of learning the Holy Quran.
We have taken into account the latest educational methods in explaining our curricula, in addition to taking into account all educational levels, to bring beginners to the stage of professionalism.
All these opportunities are in your hands now, so select the right course for you and register with us.


We want to build a mini world for Muslim kids, so they can learn about Islam in the right proper way and enjoy the process of learning so they are eager to know more.


At Islamco, we strive to provide the best online Arabic lessons with the best Arabic tutors online. With highly qualified Arabic teachers and staff, we work around the clock to provide the best Arabic courses for you. Since Arabic is such an important aspect of the Islamic religion, we also have highly qualified Quran tutors for Quranic studies.


Our Students

Islamco Academy caters to teaching Islam, Arabic, and Quran to kids of all ages. With specialized classes for kids, your child will love learning about Islam. 

Islamco Academy has classes and specialized teachers for Pre-K and Kindergarteners, Elementary grades, Middle School, and High School.

Our Community

Join Islamco Academys family of teachers and staff with the help of Islamco and their fun friends. 

Enroll Today to join us or visit us on Facebook to learn more and get daily updates and tips on how to help your child learn about Islam.