The word Fiqh refers to the Islamic Jurisprudence, its actual meaning in Arabic is β€˜deep understanding’. Fiqh is the rules that are taken from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).  

Fiqh in Islam refers to the Islamic rules that are extracted from the Quran and Sunnah. having knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence helps you understand how scholars extract solutions and rules to a specific matter from the Quran and Sunnah, and you will be able to do the same one day. The goal of Fiqh in Islam and the reason for its existence is to guide Muslims to the right path. Implement the teachings of the Quran and the prophet in solving different matters, and even find answers and rulings to matters that are not explained in the Quran or Sunnah.

As a Muslim parent, you must be striving to teach your kids about Fiqh in Islam and deepen their knowledge of the Islamic teachings. However, you start to face the bigger question, where will I find a Fiqh Course for kids? We know that it is not easy to find Fiqh classes near you especially when living in a non-Muslim country, therefore we designed Fiqh online classes so that you can teach your child about Fiqh from the comfort of your home.

What makes Islamco Academy online Fiqh courses the best for your child? Because our Fiqh Course for kids is designed to meet the needs and requirements of every child. Our highly qualified teachers have many years of experience in teaching kids, therefore, they can adjust their teaching methods and strategies in a way that meets your child’s needs. They use activities, stories, games, and visuals to help your child understand the jurisprudential aspects and principles in a simple way.

Islamco Academy strives to help children all over the world understand the teachings of Islam, the Quran, and the sunnah, to instill the love of Allah and the prophets in the child’s heart. Our online Fiqh courses don’t just end by explaining the lesson we focus on helping kids understand the meaning of what they learn, its importance, and how to implement it in their daily lives.

Our teachers strive to help kids master what they learn and become good Muslims. In the Fiqh classes online your child will learn the meaning of shariah, and how it is extracted from the Quran and Sunnah. Islamco-Academy strives to grow kids who are fully aware of the Islamic teachings and how to be guided by the Quran and sunnah, to understand the true meaning of becoming a Muslim. Islam is a way of life, not just a religion, and that is what we teach to kids.

Among the many courses that we offer to help kids learn about Islam and the Quran is the Fiqh Course for kids. But why learn Fiqh online with us? Here are some of the reasons why parents choose this course:

Highly Qualified and experienced teachers.

At Islamco Academy all our teachers are highly qualified teachers who have more than 9 years of experience in teaching kids of all ages and levels. Our teachers employ the best teaching methods to teach children about Fiqh in Islam in a fun and engaging way through activities, stories, visuals, games, and more. Our teachers’ teaching methods make learning both fun and engaging so that the lessons become easy to understand and comprehend.  

Fun and interactive lessons!

The Fiqh online classes at Islamco Academy are both fun and engaging. Our teachers know how to employ stories, games, activities, and visuals to teach children Fiqh in Islam in a simple way and ensure that they will never forget what they learn.

Practical learning.

At Islamco Academy our Fiqh Course for Kids focuses on teaching kids the importance of Fiqh in Islam. We teach them how to apply the jurisprudential concepts that they learn in their daily lives and to overcome hardships and difficult situations.

For instance, in a lesson they will learn about kindness, the importance of helping others, being kind to them, and helping one another. They will be taught about the characteristics of our beloved prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), and how he used to teach others with kindness.

The kids will also be taught the importance of honesty, and to always tell the truth and never lie. Our teachers will teach children the reward of being honest, keeping their promises, and helping the ones in need.

Flexible schedule.

Islamco Academy Fiqh Course for Kids is an online course that is flexible and available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Now you can let your child learn about Fiqh in Islam from the comfort of your home with professional instructors.

Building good qualities

Our Fiqh online classes for kids focus on developing the good qualities of a child, teaching him/her about the rewards of being a good Muslim and treating others with kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, respect, and good manners.

In Islamco-Academy Fiqh Course for kids, your child will understand the Fiqh in Islam and its meaning. Here are some of the things that they will learn:

  1. An introduction about Fiqh, what is Fiqh in Islam?  and why is it important to learn.
  2. How to perform Wudu (ablution), its different types, and why is it important in Islam.
  3. What are prayers in Islam, how to pray, their different types, and their importance to every Muslim?  
  4. In our Fiqh classes online your child will learn the importance of helping the ones in need, the meaning of Zakat, and Sadaqat, their different types, when to pay it, and to whom.
  5. The five pillars of Islam, and why they are important to every Muslim.
  6. Fasting, its importance, how to fast, the rewards of fasting, and the rewards of Fasting.
  7. In our Fiqh online course your child will understand the meaning of Hajj, its significance to each Muslim, its requirements, and benefits.


Islamco Academy Fiqh Course for kids will help your child understand the teachings and principles of Islam and how to implement them in their daily life. Your dream of seeing your child becoming a good Muslim is only one click away! So, what are you waiting for? 

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