It is important for each child to learn about Aqidah Islam from a young age, to learn about the Aqidah Muslim, and to be aware of the beliefs and teachings of a Muslim. As a parent you must be dreaming of raising your child to be a good Muslim, therefore, we designed this course to help you reach your dream, and see your child grow up to be a Good Muslim. With us, your child will gain and come to understand all the principles and teachings related to the science of Aqidah Islam through our Aqidah online course for kids.  


Aqidah or creed is the Islamic science that refers to learning about the Islamic beliefs, faith, and teachings from the holy Quran and hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). It is built upon proofs that explain the beliefs of a Muslim.

It is important for every Muslim to learn Aqidah which explains the teachings and beliefs of Islam, and erases any misconceptions and wrong knowledge a person might have about Islam. there is no specific age for a person to start learning and increasing his knowledge about Aqidah and the Islamic faith. And you can simply learn Aqidah online from the comfort of your home.

With our online Aqidah course for kids, your child can start building strong attachments and love to learn about Islam and implement the teachings of the Quran and sunnah in his/her life. Whether your kid is a kindergarten or high schooler with Islamco Academy he will gain all the knowledge he needs and we will instill the love of Islam in his heart so that your kid strives to learn and acquire more knowledge about Islam.

If you are a Muslim parent living in a non-Muslim country you must have been searching for a high-quality Aqidah online class for your kids. To teach them about the teachings of Islam, right from wrong, and Islamic beliefs. It is normal for them to start wondering why they are not allowed to do what their friend does, and sometimes even when you answer their questions they are not convinced. That’s what the Aqidah Course for kids is for, to teach them Islamic beliefs in a way that is easy to understand and guide them to what is right.

Islamco Academy is a leading Academy in teaching Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies to kids. We are here to help you teach your kids everything they need and help you raise a child who understands the meaning of a good Muslim and how to apply the teachings of Islam in his daily life

Our Aqidah Course for Kids is designed to instill the love of Aqidah Islam and the beliefs of a Muslim. Our online teachers are highly qualified when it comes to teaching kids and have more than 9 years of experience. They use the best teaching methods and fun games and activities to illustrate the lessons and make them easy and fun to understand.

In the Aqidah online course, your child will learn about various topics regarding the Aqidah Muslim in an engaging way. The kids will be taught to love Allah, and Quran recitation and to understand why they worship Allah, why they should love Allah and obey him, and learn about the many blessings Allah gave us. It is important for kids to learn the importance and the benefits they will get from learning something, that’s why in our Aqidah Course for kids we will teach your child the meaning of Aqidah, why they need to learn it, and how it will help them build a stronger connection with Allah and come closer to him.

Additionally, in our Aqidah online course, we will teach your kids about the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), who he is, how he lived his life, his characteristics, his kindness toward others, his honesty, and morals. Our teachers will use stories and illustrations to make learning fun and teach your kids the prophet in a simple yet fun way.

From the story of the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), you kids will learn to be kind and nice to others, to help the ones in need, to forgive and wish the good things for others, and strive to live like the prophet used to.  

In Islamco-Academy course, your child will learn Aqidah Islam through our interactive Aqidah online class with the help of fun stories and activities. Our teachers will teach your child the Aqidah Islam from the Quranic verses and hadiths. Additionally, they will be taught the meaning of some of the hadiths of the prophet, and how to implement the teaching of Aqidah. In their daily life.  They will come to understand that whatever happens in life they should turn to Allah at all times.

Furthermore, the child will understand that Allah loves him and only wants the good for him, and that whatever they want they should ask Allah even if they think that it is impossible because nothing is impossible to Allah.

Your child will learn many lessons in this Aqidah Course for kids, but here are some of the most important topics that are covered in this course:

  1. The child will learn that there is no God but Allah and the meaning of Monotheism which is the main belief of the Aqidah Muslim.
  2. The story of our beloved prophet, his characteristics, and teachings.
  3. In our Aqidah online class the child will learn about the five pillars of Islam and their importance to every Muslim and their meanings.
  4. The Articles of Faith.
  5. The prophets and why we are instructed to believe in them.
  6. The beliefs and ethics of a Muslim.


Islamco Academy Aqidah Course for kids will help your child become aware and understand the beliefs of a Muslim and instill the love of Allah, Islam, and the prophets in their hearts. Now your child is only one step away from learning everything about Islam, click on enroll and start your free trial lesson.  


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