With Islamco Academy online Quran classes for adults, all your problems and challenges that you face will be solved. Our Quran teachers will prepare a solid plan for you to follow, and give tips to help you learn the Quran faster, and there will be revisions at the beginning of each lesson so that you practice your Quran recitation. All that is left for you is to follow the learning plan, practice your recitation and you will master Quran recitation in no time.

Allah Almighty revealed the holy Quran to our beloved prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to be a source of guidance. It doesn’t apply to a specific time and place it is a universal message that works at all times. With the help of the best Quran memorization classes for adults, you get the opportunity to learn and practice the teachings of the Quran. We also provide Islamic Studies for Adults classes to help you gain more knowledge about Islam from a trusted source.

When learning to recite Quran you will be able to learn from its teachings and you can recite the Quranic verses whenever you need. If you are feeling lonely, depressed, or anxious, all you have to do is recite some of the verses that you recall or love to recite and all the bad feelings will go away, that is the power of the Quran, it has the ability to heal everything.  


Because of its numerous benefits and rewards, Quran recitation is one of the best things a Muslim can do in life. Among the various rewards is a higher rank in Jannah. To be rewarded, however, you must meditate on the verses, comprehend their meaning, learn from their lessons, and adhere to their teachings. Only then will you be rewarded; nevertheless, if a person chooses to memorize the Quran without following its lessons and practicing what is wrong, the bad has ruined the good. In our adult Quran Classes, you will discover the significance of the verses and how to apply the Quran’s teachings in your daily life.

Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: β€œIt will be asked to the companion of the Dunia Read and elevate (through the levels of Jannah) and beautify your voice as you were used to doing when you were in Dunia! Indeed, your position in the Jannah will be at the last verse you recite!” [Aboo Dawood]

If you want to learn Quran recitation online, our Adult Quran Learning classes can help you get there. You will be taught the significance of the verses, the lessons and teachings of each surah, and how to apply what you learn in your daily life by our expert Quran teacher, in addition to helping you study the Tajweed Quran effortlessly and effectively.

The holy Quran’s verses are a Light of guidance and healing for our souls. Quran recitation assists you in understanding the Islamic teachings through the guidance of the Quran. Islamco Academy’s Adult Quran Learning classes are meant to assist every Muslim in learning Quran recitation. We understand that the majority of the problems and challenges that people have when trying to learn the Quran online are a lack of help and instruction, as well as a lack of revisions. That is why you tend to forget what you learned and take a longer time to learn a part or surah of the Quran.

Our beloved prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said, “Such a person as recites the Qur’an and masters it by heart, will be with the noble righteous scribes (in Paradise)! And such a person who exerts himself to learn the Qur’an by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.” [by Mu’adh al-Juhani] 

Why enroll in Quran classes for adults? Our Mature Quran Education course is designed for All Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to help them memorize the Quran and master Quran recitation in a simple and effective way.

We are aware of all the challenges you face and we seek to ease Quran learning for you. That is why we offer you the Best Quran classes for adults with experienced and qualified Quran teachers who are Hafiz and acquired an Ijazah certificate. Therefore, you will learn from a teacher who managed to memorize Quran and he will share his knowledge and experience with you, to make your Quran learning journey much easier for you.

With Islamco Academy Quran classes for adults, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore. Even if you have a busy schedule, we will help you achieve your dream and master Quran recitation with our effective teaching techniques and flexible schedules. There is no need to waste time on transportation anymore, with our Quran Classes Online for Grown-ups you will learn the Quran and recite it flawlessly from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing our Quan classes for adults:

  1. All our Quran teachers are fluent in the English language, which means that you can communicate with them freely at any time.
  2. Our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which gives you a great opportunity to adjust your learning schedule based on your needs.
  3. All the Islamco Academy Quran teachers are certified and have the Ijazah certificate. They have more than 9 years of experience in teaching all levels and ages, and they can adjust their teaching methods and techniques based on your needs.
  4. In our Advanced Quran Study for Adults all our teachers are Hafiz, therefore, they will share their experiences with you, giving you some tips and techniques to help you learn Quran in less time with the least effort.
  5. All our teachers are native Arabic speakers to ensure that you learn the right Quran recitation following the Tajweed rules.
  6. At the beginning of every new lesson there will be revisions to help you practice your Quran recitation and enhance your recitation.
  7. Learn the Quran with the help of our fun and engaging techniques which simplify learning and help you master the Quran faster.

When finishing our Quran classes for adults you will be more than ready to teach others Quran recitation and guide them to master Quran recitation just like you. And don’t forget what our beloved prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

What will you learn in our Quran classes for adults? here are some of the topics covered in this course:

  1. Tajweed rules and how to apply them for better Quran recitation.
  2. Practice your Quran recitation with a native and experienced Arabic speaker.
  3. Recite the Quran flawlessly with confidence.
  4. Learn the Arabic Quran and recite its verses with ease.

With the help of Islamco Academy, you get to Learn Quran Online with experienced and qualified Quran teachers. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start learning.

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