For Muslim parents who are living in a non-Muslim country, it is hard to find a place near them to teach their kids about Islam and the Quran. That is why we designed these Hifz classes for kids to help each and every parent teach their kids about the Islamic religion and instill the love of Islam and its teachings in their hearts.

Islamco Academy will instill the love of Islam, Allah, the holy Quran, and prophets in your child’s heart. Instead of being forced to memorize the Quran without understanding why they will be taught about the benefits and importance of memorizing the verses of the Quran and how it brings them closer to Allah.

Additionally, in our Quran Hifz classes your child will learn how to follow and implement the teachings and guidance of the Quran in their lives.


It is a dream of every Muslim parent to see their kids grow to love the Quran and Islam, becoming good Muslims who seek to please Allah and try their best to do what is good. That is what makes you start to search for good Hifz Classes for Kids.

 ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Fasting and the Quran will intercede for a person on the Day of Resurrection. Fasting will say: O Lord, I kept him from his food and desires during the day; let me intercede for him. And the Quran will say: I kept him from sleeping during the night; let me intercede for him. And they will be allowed to intercede.” [Imam Ahmad (6589), Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami‘, 7329]

As a parent you want the best for your kids, you want to see them grow up to become what they desire to be, whether doctors, engineers, animators, or anything your child desires. The key element for their success is pleasing Allah and seeking to do what is right at all times. Quran memorization is one of the good things that any Muslim strives to achieve, and you must be seeking the same thing for your child. Quran Hifz online course is what will help you with that, especially if you are living in a non-Muslim country.

And because it is not easy to find an online Hifz Ul Quran course, Islamco Academy provides you with the best online courses to help your child learn the right Quran recitation and memorize its verses with the help of experienced online Quran teachers.

Islamco Academy is an academy experienced in teaching the Quran and tajweed rules to children of all ages. All our teachers have more than 9 years of experience in teaching. Which makes our online Quran Hifz classes the best classes for your kids.

Because we are aware of how hard it is to find a course that is online, available at any time, and offered by highly experienced and qualified teachers we made this course just for you. With us, your child will grow to love the Quran and Islam, seeking to please Allah, do what is good, and follow Allah Almighty and the prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) guidance.

Islamco Academy Hifz classes for kids offer you the best Hifz Classes for Kids, in which your kid will not only memorize Quran but will also come to learn the interpretation of the verses, the reason for the revelation of the surahs, the overall message of the surahs, the correct Quran recitation and how to rectify their pronunciation.

Additionally, our teachers have many years of experience in teaching kids of all ages and can adjust their teaching methods based on the child’s requirements and capabilities. So, if you failed to find a Quran teacher to help your little child memorize the Quran, don’t worry, we are here for you. Whether your kid is in kindergarten or high school our teachers will help them become a hafiz in a short period of time.

Also, all our Quran teachers are Hafiz who have more than 9 years of experience in teaching to kids of all ages, especially non-Arabic speakers’ kids who are living in a non-Muslim country. 

It is normal for kids to wonder why they are not allowed to do what all other kids are doing, and in order to convince them and answer their questions you need to help them understand their religion more and that is what we will do for you.

All our Quran Hifz classes are offered online so that your kids can learn without leaving their homes. Plus, our courses are available 24 hours a day so that you can choose your child’s schedule based on your requirements.

Furthermore, all our Quran teachers are native Arabic speakers who are certified and experienced. Your child will learn the right Quran recitation from native speakers, and they will learn the articulation points of the letters. This means that they will not just memorize the Quran but they will also enhance their Arabic language. Don’t worry, our teachers are fluent in the English language so you and your kids can communicate with them easily.

Nonetheless, our Hifz Classes For Kids are affordable, because we seek to help Muslims around the world achieve their dream and learn Quran recitation and memorize its verses without facing any hardships. We also have a class monitoring System and assessments to measure the child’s progress and ensure his/her understanding of the lessons. Plus, all our courses are personalized so that your kid can easily interact, communicate, and practice Quran recitation.

Here are some of the things that your child will learn in Islamco Academy Hifz classes for kids:

  1. The rules of Tajweed and how to implement them for perfect Quran recitation.
  2. Right pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet and their articulation points from native Arabic speakers.
  3. The interpretation of the surahs and their overall message.
  4. Lessons learned from each surah.
  5. How to implement the teachings and guidance of the Quran in their daily life situations.
  6. Memorize the whole Quran.


With Islamco Academy Hifz classes for kids, your kids can start their Quran learning adventure in no time, click on enroll and let them start learning.


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