Noor al bayaan was created by Sheikh Tarek AlSaid, his goal was creating an easy and effective way to help kids and beginners learn the Arabic language, and he actually made it. With the help of his method, many learners mastered the Arabic language and can now recite the Arabic Quran and gain all the knowledge they need.

As a new Arabic learner, we know how scared you are from starting your learning journey that is why we are here to comfort you and help you learn the Arabic Quran in an easy and simple manner that won’t even take much time to master. And to cheer you up, we are here to tell you that the Arabic Quran is not difficult to learn, you just need a good learning plan to follow and with the help of Islamco Academy teachers, you will learn with an experienced teacher to hold your hand and guide you along the way.


Noor al Bayan is one of the best methods used to help non-Arabic speakers learn the Quran and Arabic. If you are a Muslim seeking to learn Arabic Quran recitation in a simple and effective way that is the best way for you. Noor al-Bayan has been used in many of the best Arabic learning schools to help kids and adults master the Arabic Quran recitation.

For us Muslims, it is essential for us to learn the Arabic language in order to be able to read the Arabic Quran with care and comprehend its verses and meaning. You might wonder, can’t I just read the English Quran translation? And the answer is, no, you can’t depend on English Quran translation at all times. If you want to truly understand the verses and reflect upon their meanings then you need to learn Arabic Quran.

Nonetheless, English Quran translations are not free of errors, because they were translated by humans. If you want to read from Quran translations then you must use more than one translation and try to erase the errors. Furthermore, Quran translations are more of an interpretation of the Quran than a translation. Because no human on earth can translate the word of Allah, scholars are trying their best to provide you with a copy of the Quran in a language that you can understand.

Therefore, as a Muslim, you need to learn to read Arabic Quran. We know that you’ve heard so many times that Arabic is difficult to learn but that’s not true, Arabic is like any other language it takes time and dedication. Islamco Academy offers you the best Noor al bayan Quran course, to help you learn the Arabic language in a short period of time. now you can learn Noor al Bayan online with the best tutors who are experts, experienced, and highly qualified.

With Islamco Academy Online Quran teachers learning the Arabic Quran has never been easier. our expert teachers employ the best teaching techniques and simplify the lessons using fun and engaging activities to ensure your understanding, with the help of the Noor al Bayan online course you will learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters, how to link letters to form words and more.

Noor al Bayan was made by Sheikh Tarek Al-Saied, he is an Egyptian scholar who was striving to create a simple way for non-Arabic speakers to learn Arabic. And he actually did it, he created an effective and fun way to learn. With the help of Noor al Bayan’s book, many learners managed to learn Arabic and read the Arabic Quran. Noor al bayan for kids proved its effectiveness and success, and it also worked for adults.

Noor al bayan Quran learning lessons teach you Arabic by reading Quranic verses. Which enhances your Arabic language and Quran recitation at the same time. Therefore, if you seek to learn the Arabic Quran and don’t know where to start from, Noor al-Bayan is your answer. With Islamco Academy course you will master the Arabic Quran in a simple and fun way, and we won’t leave you until you master the Arabic language.

Why learn Noor al bayan online? There are many reasons why you should take this course, among which:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of the Arabic language and how to pronounce its alphabet in a simple and easy way.
  2. Enhance your language skills in a short period of time.
  3. Practice each lesson with fun and effective exercises that enhance your Quran recitation.
  4. Practice your Quran recitation with a highly qualified teacher who is experienced and uses fun and engaging teaching methods.

With Islamco Academy Noor Al Bayan online course you will learn to read Arabic Quran in a simple and effective manner. With the help of our expert teachers, Quranic Arabic will be fun and easy to learn. You will learn to read, speak, and write in Arabic and you will love the Arabic language. Furthermore, you will learn the basic Tajweed rules.       

In our Noor al Bayan Quran course, you will learn to read Quranic Arabic with Tajweed in the hands of professional Quran teachers. Meaning that you will learn the Quran and Arabic at the same time. you will also learn some of the Tajweed rules and practice using them, the teacher will guide you and correct your mistakes until you perfect your recitation.

In Islamco Academy Noor Al Bayan course, many topics will be covered to help you learn Arabic Quran, among which are the following topics:

  • The Arabic Alphabet and the right pronunciation of each letter.
  • How to write each letter and learn their different shapes and sounds.
  • Linking letters and forming simple words.
  • Reading simple and complicated words easily.
  • Read Arabic Quranic verses perfectly.
  • Understand and practice the basic Tajweed rules like Madd, Sukoon, Tanween, Shaddah, and more.
  • In our Noor al-Bayan course, you will perfect the articulation points of each letter.


With the help of Islamco Academy Noor Al Bayan course, you get to Learn Quran reading with experienced and qualified Quran teachers. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start learning.

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