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Many of us dream of learning to speak the Arabic language, but we are too afraid of even trying. The main reason is that many people say that Arabic is a hard language to learn and takes too much time. But is that true?

Let’s take it step by step, the Arabic alphabet is similar to the English language, it only has a few letters that are not in English like the letter “خ”, but it is not difficult to learn. It is written and read from right to left and you will get used to it easily, the Arabic grammar can be a bit difficult but with the help of a good Arabic course, a solid plan, or good Study Arabic Online resources it will be easy to learn. Plus, if you plan on learning one of the Arabic dialects you won’t have to learn the complicated Arabic Grammar.

To sum up what we said, the only difficult thing about Arabic is its grammar, but it is not difficult you just need to learn it with a good Arabic teacher and he will simplify all the rules for you. Also, if you choose to learn one of the Arabic dialects there is no need to worry about the grammar anymore. Regarding the Alphabet and its pronunciation, it is similar to the English alphabet.  

Do you want to learn Arabic online and search for a good course? do you want to start speaking right away? if yes then let’s see how to do so in a heartbeat.

How to learn Arabic online fast?

The easiest and most effective way to learn Arabic online is by enrolling in an Arabic-speaking online course. where you will learn and master the Arabic language with the help of a highly qualified and experienced teacher. plus, you get to learn with a native Arabic speaker who will help you learn and master the correct pronunciation of the words and letters and get to practice your Arabic speaking skills.

Islamco Academy offers you the best online Arabic courses that are available and affordable. With us, you will learn to speak Arabic in a heartbeat without any effort. Even the complicated Arabic grammar will be simplified with the help of our experienced Arabic teachers. Our teachers use fun and engaging activities to simplify the lessons and they even use games, stories, and illustrations to ensure your understanding.

With the help of our Learn to Speak Arabic online course, you will learn to make short conversations from the first lesson. you will be taught the most common words and phrases that you will need in your daily life. Also, all our Arabic teachers are native Arabic teachers who have more than 9 years of experience in teaching Arabic to kids and adults of all ages.

 Here are some of our Arabic courses that will help you learn Arabic speaking online easily and effectively.

1. Online Arabic Course

In our Arabic learning online course, you get to practice what you learn throughout the class, learn the correct pronunciation from a native Arabic teacher, and enhance the 4 language skills which are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Furthermore, you will learn the complicated Arabic grammar rules in fun and easy ways with the help of engaging and fun learning activities to ease the lessons and help you grasp the rules easier.

Here are some of the topics covered in our Online Arabic Course:

  1. Arabic language introduction.
  2. Why learn Arabic and how will it benefit you?
  3. The Arabic alphabet, its various shapes, pronunciation, and articulation points, how to link them to make words, and how their shapes change.
  4. In our best Arabic course online we will teach you how to read Arabic without stuttering.
  5. Effectively recite the Quran with the help of our online Arabic course.
  6. Speak Arabic with confidence without worrying about making mistakes.
  7. Have simple talks with native Arabic speakers with ease.
  8. Read and comprehend any Arabic text with ease.
  9. Effectively learn the Arabic grammar rules with the help of fun activities and games.

2. Arabic Reading Course.

In our online Arabic Reading Course, you will learn how to form a word and sentences, how to spell new words even the ones that are new to you, you will learn the right pronunciation of each letter, the different shapes of the letters, and more.


How to learn Arabic online from home easily?

The first thing you need to do when you decide to learn Arabic online is to define your goals and which Arabic dialect you want to learn. Let me ease this step for you, ask yourself why do you want to learn to speak Arabic. Is it because you plan on traveling to an Arab world, you want to learn to read Arabic Quran, you find the Arabic language fascinating, you have Aab friends and you want to communicate with them using their language, or you want to learn about the rich Arabic culture?

Based on your answer to these questions you will easily answer the next question, which dialect to learn? For instance, if you seek to read Arabic Quran then you should learn Classical Arabic, if you want to travel to Egypt then learn Egyptian Arabic, if you seek to work in one of the Arab countries then you should learn its dialect, and if you want to learn to speak Arabi because you love the language then choose the dialect that you like the most.

But what about Modern Standard Arabic? Is better to start with? If you want to learn Arabic which is understood in all Arab countries, then yes you should learn it. However, modern standard Arabic is not used in everyday situations it is only used in media, education, literature, and so on. The Arabic that is used in Arab countries is the different dialects (Colloquial Arabic), each country has its own dialect.  

Now you know how to decide which Arabic to learn let’s dive into some easy but effective steps to help you learn to speak Arabic online.

1. Learn the Arabic alphabet.

The first and foremost step when learning any language is learning its alphabet. The pronunciation of most of the Arabic language is similar to the English Alphabet, but they vary in shape. Unlike the English alphabet, the Arabic letters change their shapes based on where they are in the word, some letters look the same but most of them have different shapes.

Also, it is important to know that the Arabic letters are written and read from right to left. There are only 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet and most if not, all Arabic learners said that the Arabic writing system is easy to learn and memorize.

2. Learn to read Arabic.

When you learn Arabic online and start with the Arabic alphabet you will find that reading Arabic words is not difficult at all. You will be able to read simple words even if you don’t know their meanings. All you need to do to learn to speak Arabic online is to memorize the Arabic alphabet and the pronunciation of each letter, and you will be amazed how you will be able to read many words easily and fast.

A good idea to help you enhance your Arabic reading and speaking is listening to Arabic alphabet kids’ songs. With the help of fun and enjoyable songs, you will master the Arabic letters in no time.

3. Learn to write Arabic.

To learn Arabic speaking you can’t just focus on this one skill, you need to enhance all 4 skills, learn to read, write, listen, and speak Arabic. Only then you get to master Arabic speaking and be fluent in it. when it comes to writing in Arabic don’t forget that Arabic is written from right to left and with the help of Arabic letters kids books you will master writing in Arabic.

4. Learn to speak Arabic.

Now comes the step that you have been waiting for, learning to speak Arabic online quickly. The most important thing is not to be afraid of trying or failing, speak and don’t think of what others may think of you. It’s normal to make mistakes, it is not a crime, plus as humans, we learn the best from our mistakes.

If you want to enhance your Arabic speaking fast you can either enroll in an Arabic-speaking online course and learn with a native Arabic tutor, or find an Arab partner using social media and practice your Arabic speaking with him.

What if you can’t find a partner to practice with? Or if you are too shy to talk with strangers? Then there is another solution. You can make a conversation with yourself in front of a mirror o record yourself and rewatch the video, then try to fix any pronunciation mistakes you did and try again and again until you excel in it. watch Arabic movies, series, TV programs, or anything that you like, and try to mimic what you hear. With time you will see your progress and you will be proud of yourself.

5. Practice and keep practicing.

Practice makes perfect, and to learn to speak Arabic, you must keep practicing. Memorize new words daily and try to make your own sentences to learn how to use them correctly. Download the Arabic learning app and practice your language with the help of fun games and activities, watch Arabic movies, TV shows, podcasts, songs, or whatever you like, and mimic what you hear. This way you will not only enhance your Arabic speaking but you will also learn the Arabic grammar without even knowing it.

With Islamco Academy Learn to Speak Arabic online course you will master the Arabic language with the help of highly qualified and experienced Arabic tutors. So, what are you holding out for? Enroll now to begin learning.

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