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Fast Quran learning in simple and easy steps! Is that even possible? Yes, you can learn Quran fast and become a perfect reader.

We all dream of mastering Quran recitation and searching for shortcuts and easy ways to help us in the quest. What if I told you there is a way to master Quran and learn fast Quran recitation? Yes, just like I said there is an easy way that will help you achieve your dream.

What are you waiting for? Let’s discover some tips and tricks to learn Quran fast and fast reading Quran.

Learn Quran fast Step-By-Step.

When starting the journey of Quran learning many of us get confused and don’t know where to start from and what to do. But don’t worry, in this easy step-by-step guide, you will learn fast Quran and become a perfect reciter in no time. All you need to do is follow the following steps and you will be good to go.

1. Learn Arabic Quran.

The first and most essential step in learning fast Quran is to familiarize yourself with Arabic letters. This may seem like a daunting task but it’s not. A fun book is made to help non-Arabic speakers learn Arabic Quran easily. The book is called Noorani Qaida, the book was written by an Indian scholar who wanted to help people learn Arabic Quran easily, his name is Sheikh Noor Muhammed Haqqani.

The Noorani Qaida book proved its success in many schools, therefore it is used to teach fast Quran to kids and adults. With the help of this book, you will learn both Arabic and Quran, and what is great about it is that you can download it online and start learning right away.

You will learn the shapes of the Arabic letters and their different shapes, and you will learn how to connect the letters to form words. You will also learn the basic Tajweed rules with the help of Quranic verses to help you practice and master Quran recitation.

If you don’t like learning from books you can learn from YouTube videos. Search for Arabic Alphabet songs for kids and repeat each letter until you memorize its shape and pronunciation. Then try to read simple words and listen to their right pronunciation. Don’t worry there are only 28 letters in the Arabic language and most of them are pronounced like the English letters. What will help you memorize faster is Arabic alphabet coloring books and writing books, this way you will enjoy and learn at the same time.

Another thing you need to know about Arabic alphabet is Arabic is written from right to left. Once you familiarize yourself with the Arabic letters you will be able to read Fast Quran and read simple words on your own without needing any help. As you keep practicing you will be able to read a full verse from the Quran without stuttering.

2. Learn Basic Tajweed Rules.

To learn Fast Quran, you need to learn what is called Tajweed. To make it simple for you Tajweed refers to the rules that are made to help you recite Quran flawlessly and perfectly. With the help of Tajweed, you will learn the right articulation points of the Arabic letters, and with time you will be a perfect Quran reciter.

So, is Tajweed difficult to learn? No, not really, normally at first you will feel like you can’t understand a word but as you keep going the rule will be easy to understand. The best way to learn fast Quran is by learning the rules of Tajweed. Then, how can you learn it? there are 4 ways:

  1. Watch YouTube videos: YouTube videos are fun, and many people do their best to ease the tajweed rules for non-Arabic speakers. Just go and type “learn Tajweed rules” and you will get many results. But to make it easy for you, there are YouTube channels that make a Tajweed series for beginners and they are ‘FreeQuranEducation’ and ‘Arabic 101’. Watch their videos and learn each rule at a time.
  2. Tajweed books: to learn fast Quran you can learn Tajweed rules through books. If you are a person who loves reading this this method will be fun to you. Buy or download Tajweed books and start learning. What is great about books is that there are many examples and tests to practice and measure your understanding. If you don’t fully understand the rule read it again and again until you master it.
  3. Online Tajweed classes: if you can’t commit to learning and you find it difficult to learn on your own then your best choice for fast Quran learning is Tajweed classes. With the help of online Tajweed classes, you will learn with a professional Quran teacher who has many years of experience in teaching Tajweed. Your Quran teacher will explain the rules in a simple way, show you how and when to use them, and let you practice. If you don’t understand the rule your teacher will explain it in different ways until you master it.
  4. Tajweed Applications: the fourth and final method for fast Quran learning is Tajweed Apps. There are many Tajweed applications that are made to help non-Arabic speakers master Quran recitation with Tajweed in a simple way. With the help of applications, you get to learn each rule and practice it. also, you will learn and enjoy at the same time with the help of fun games and activities.

Those were the 4 methods for fast Quran Tajweed learning, you can use one of them, combine them all, or some of them it is all up to you.  

3. Read Short Surahs.

The third method for fast Quran learning is practice. You have learned Arabic alphabet, and the Tajweed rules now it is time to put what you learned into practice. The best way to do so is by starting with short surahs. For instance, read surah Ikhlas and try to implement the Tajweed rules. Don’t worry, you got it, so don’t rush yourself, it is okay if you find it difficult at first but as you keep going it will be much easier.


4. Listen to the recitation of the surah.

You can combine this step with the third step for fast Quran learning. Let’s say you want to read surah Al-Ikhlas, you will first read it slowly, then listen to its recitation and see if you got it right. If you made any recitation mistakes it’s okay, you are still learning, just listen to it again and this time read along. Once you finish try reading it on your own and record yourself, listen to the recording and see if you got it right. If there are any mistakes listen to the recitation again and again until you master it.

There are many great websites like that provide you with Arabic Quran, its English translation, Tafseer, and recitation. Go to the verse you want to listen to, press the play button beside the verse, and listen to its recitation. If you want to listen to the pronunciation of a certain word, just click on it. If you want to know the English translation of a word stand on it, and that’s it, see Fast Quran learning is real.

5. Understand the Meanings of the verses.

Hold on we are not done yet; we have come to the final step in our fast Quran learning guide. This step is important because it helps you reflect upon the verses you recite instead of just reading. When reading a verse that you don’t understand don’t just read it and move on to the next, no, for fast Quran recitation and better understanding of the Quran you need to understand the meaning of the verse or the word you stumble upon.

What should you do?  You can simply read the English translation of the verse or search for its tafsir and don’t worry, you will find it online, and it is also available in Quran applications.

How long does it take to learn Quran?

The time it takes varies from one learner to another. For instance, someone may spend his whole day learning Quran recitation, while another may only have 1 hour a day for studying. In short, it depends on you, your detection, and your learning plan.


For fast Quran recitation and learning you need to follow some easy steps, these steps are:

  1. Learn Arabic Quran.
  2. Learn Basic Tajweed Rules.
  3. Read Short Surahs.
  4. Listen to the recitation of the surah.
  5. Understand the Meanings of the verses.

We have discussed in detail how to effectively follow these 5 steps; all you need to do is to follow them and you will master Quran recitation.

Now you know how to learn Fast Quran recitation and be perfect at it. We hope you enjoyed this article and found what you were looking for. If you need any help or have any questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.



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