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6 pillars of iman, as stated in the hadith of Gabriel – peace be upon him – when he came to the Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – asking him about the 6 pillars of iman

The Messenger of Allah told him that the first pillar is faith in Allah Almighty, then in the angels, the books, the messengers, and the Last Day, and destiny is the best. And his evil, and below we will explain the 6 pillars of iman in quran in detail.

The first pillar; Faith in Allah 

In addition to 6 pillars of iman in quran, Faith in Allah – the Almighty – is believing in the existence of Allah, His monotheism, and that He – Glory be to Him – alone is worthy of worship, and believing in all that Allah – the Almighty – has proven for Himself of the attributes of perfection and majesty.

Complete submission and complete submission to all the commands and rulings that Allah has commanded, and avoiding all that He forbade it, with a heart reassured by his faith. 6 pillars of iman include the heart’s belief in Allah’s lordship, His oneness, His singleness – Glory be to Him – in divinity, and belief in His highest names and attributes.

The importance of believing in Allah 

Speaking of the 6 pillars of iman. The importance of faith in Allah Almighty is evident in that it is the most important foundation of religion. The focus of the messengers’ call was the call to believe in Allah Almighty alone, and to abandon the worship of other idols and equals. 

The Holy Qur’an also includes many verses and surahs that talk about the names and attributes of Allah. Among them: Ayat Al-Kursi, and Surat Al-Ikhlas. What indicates the importance of 6 pillars of iman: The Quran talks about what it takes to achieve faith in souls. 

Of following Allah’s commands and abstaining from what He has forbidden, just as the verses of the Qur’an spoke about the effect of faith in Allah Almighty when they spoke about the fate of believers in Allah. Where they enter Paradise, and receive the greatest reward. 

the 6 pillars of iman are the path to achieving happiness and success in this world and the hereafter, and it is the criterion for distinguishing between those who follow the path that leads to light and contentment, and those who follow other paths.

The second pillar; Belief in angels

This is the second pillar of 6 pillars of iman Allah created angels from light, and made them gentle beings who can take shape and appear in many forms. They do not need to eat and drink like humans. They are creatures made to obey Allah and carry out His commands, so they never disobey Him. 

Among the tasks that the angels are entrusted with are: recording and preserving the deeds of humans, and sanctifying those who bear the Throne to Allah Almighty with glorification and praise. They also ask forgiveness for humans who repent of their sins, and pray to Allah for them to enter Paradise and be freed from hellfire. 

Among their duties is that they are mediators between Allah Almighty. And the prophets, as they come down with revelation from heaven, and they also carry out Allah’s command, plan what they were commanded to plan, and remove souls from bodies by order of Allah.

The importance of believing in angels

The importance of the 6 pillars of iman is evident as it is evidence of a person’s belief in what the angels have been entrusted with revealing from revelation and heavenly books. 

Belief in angels leads to an awareness of the greatness of Allah Almighty and His good management. 6 pillars of iman also indicates the strength of a Muslim’s faith, as he believes in something unseen that you cannot see. Sight, but it is perceived by the minds and hearts.

6 pillars of iman also forces the Muslim to strive with himself in obedience to Allah, and to force the soul to go against his desires. Because of his belief that angels watch his deeds.

And record his good deeds and bad deeds, just as belief in them motivates the soul to increase work; Following their example in their absolute obedience to Allah.

The third pillar; Faith in the heavenly books

Holy books; It is: the word of Allah, and His revelation that He sent down to His prophets and messengers – peace be upon them -. the 6 pillars of iman includes the certainty that they are truly revealed from Allah – the Almighty -, and belief in all the heavenly books is a special belief in what Allah has mentioned and named from those books.

Such as the Qur’an that was revealed to Muhammad – peace and blessings be upon him -, the Gospel that was revealed to Jesus – peace be upon him -, and the Psalms that were revealed to David – peace be upon him -.

With what this requires of believing in all the information contained in those books, except for what is proven to be distorted, and submitting to all the laws and rulings they contain.

And acting upon them, with the belief that the Holy Qur’an is the last and final of those heavenly books, and it is the book that abrogated the previous books and dominated them. 

The importance of believing in the heavenly books

The importance of 6 pillars of iman is evident in the Scriptures as it is an authentic origin and a great pillar of the religion. The servant’s faith is not complete without its verification. It is also one of the characteristics of the believers whom Allah has praised among His servants.

And a sign of the servant’s response to the commands of his Lord, the course of the mission of the messengers, and the mission of the prophets, as Allah punished them. Previous peoples; Because of their lack of belief in what Allah revealed.

The fourth pillar; Faith in the messengers

Among 6 pillars of iman in quran is faith in the messengers and prophets sent by Allah; It is one of the pillars of religion, and it means: believing in all the news they bring about Allah Almighty, and believing in the miracles that Allah performed at their hands. 

In support of them, and an indication of the sincerity of their communication about Allah, and the belief that they have conveyed the message of their Lord completely, while preserving their rights over the servants; Among them: the necessity of respecting them, and not distinguishing between them.

The importance of believing in messengers

The importance of 6 pillars of iman is evident; In that it is an indication of the breadth of Allah’s mercy toward humanity. The purpose of sending messengers and prophets is to guide people to the path of light and guidance, and to bring them out of the darkness of ignorance and temptation. 

This is a great blessing for which one must thank Allah, just as belief in the messengers requires love for them. Because of the effort they made, and the patience they showed in the face of difficulties and hardships for the sake of preaching and conveying the message.

The fifth pillar; Belief in the Last Day

It is one of the most important the 6 pillars of iman in which the fate of creatures is determined, and belief in it means believing in everything that Allah – the Almighty – has brought and His Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – has brought of unseen news related to that day, including: 

Signs of the Hour that indicate the imminent occurrence of the Day of Resurrection, and some stage. After death and the resurrection of the creatures, their journey to the land of resurrection, and their standing for display and reckoning, then the setting of the scale and the path, then the final destiny.

The importance of believing in the Last Day

The effect of belief in 6 pillars of iman appears in the behavior of the servant when it motivates him to work diligently. To achieve happiness on that day by entering Paradise, Sheikh Rashid said: 

“Knowledge of this is what influences the soul and encourages it to work, and as for someone who is in suspicion or doubt, he will work sometimes and leave it at other times because doubts will conflict with his heart.”

The sixth pillar; Belief in destiny, its good and evil

Among 6 pillars of iman is destiny in the language comes with several meanings. It refers to the amount and end of a thing, and it also comes in the sense of ruling or deciding, and estimating a thing as well. Measuring and calculating it, as for belief in destiny and destiny in legal terminology.

It is: believing that Allah Almighty has destined everything that exists until the Day of Resurrection since ancient times, and that He – Glory be to Him – knows everything that will and will happen.

With writing down everything that Allah has destined to obtain the form that He desires, and that everything that He decrees will be by His will, approval, and formation. 

The importance of believing in destiny, its good and evil

The importance of 6 pillars of iman evident in its close relationship with faith in Allah Almighty. Faith in destiny means believing in the levels of destiny that prove Allah’s power, knowledge, will, and will. 

If the servant proves those qualities of Allah and believes in them; This means his faith in Allah Almighty, and his belief in the oneness of Allah in lordship and divinity.

Also, 6 pillars of iman in quran is the way to know the correct belief, achieve tranquility, and be satisfied with what God has destined. The Muslim is certain that everything that happens and happens to him in terms of fluctuations in human life, and all the pain and tribulations that his servants witness; Rather, it is part of Allah’s division and management.

This gives the servant peace and tranquility. Because he believes in the destiny of Allah Almighty, which is considered a touchstone for testing the faith of His servants, without being subjected to any of the suspicions or temptations. 

Rather, the Muslim puts an end to all of that with his faith and certainty that no doubt can creep into him, with his trust in his Lord, and what He has destined for him regarding the matters of his worldly life.


6 pillars of iman: It is faith in Allah and that He alone is worthy of worship, faith in angels, faith in all heavenly books, faith in messengers and prophets, faith in the Last Day, and faith in destiny, its good and its evil. Also, the 6 pillars of iman is an important part of achieving complete faith and cannot be achieved without it

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