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islam classes for adults are the sciences that are concerned with the study of Islamic law in all its aspects, such as the study of the Holy Qur’an and its interpretation, the study of hadith, the science of belief, the science of jurisprudence and its principles.

Where the legal sciences are concerned with a comprehensive understanding of Islam and understanding all of its laws and various aspects, and the legal sciences are also linked to other sciences such as grammar and morphology. So in the following lines we will discuss how to learn islam in islamic schools online.

islam classes for adults

The islam classes for adults reviews methods for employing creative thinking in teaching Islamic studies according to students’ learning styles, and means of developing visual creativity, auditory creativity, and written creativity. 

islamic schools online presents practical suggestions that contribute to the development of creative thinking among learners, and achieves the deeper goal of creating creative learning outcomes in the field of learning Islamic studies. islam classes for adults aims to achieve the following:

  • Introducing the student to the greatness of Islamic law and its legislative content, which includes all social facts and human events, which confirms its validity for every time and place, and the generality of its message to all human beings in order to achieve the integrity of human life.
  • islamic schools online aims to preparing specialized scholars who, in this specialty, combine faith in Allah and scientific and professional competence, which shows the truth of Islam and its impact on the progress of humanity and the advancement of civilization.
  • Introducing the student to the various jurisprudences contained in Islamic jurisprudence and its foundations that agree with what the texts of Sharia have decided to expand upon people, not restrict them, and remove hardship from them.
  • Developing his awareness that Islamic jurisprudence encompasses all aspects of life.
  • islam classes for adults aims to Deepening his belief in the supremacy of Islamic law and its meeting human needs since the emergence of Islam through comparative study.
  • Giving him the ability to present a sound Sharia ruling based on strong Sharia evidence, enabling him to respond and protect him from falsehoods and fatwas that conflict with reason and contradict Sharia.
  • Giving him the ability to understand, preserve and manifest the Islamic heritage.
  • Deepening the role of language at the national level, so that it plays its role in the modern renaissance, given that language is the cultural and civilizational vessel of the nation.
  • Preparing scientific cadres in jurisprudential studies capable of teaching, research, and evaluation.
  • Preparing scholars who have the ability to address contemporary jurisprudential issues and provide sound opinions on them.
  • Enabling the student to correct misconceptions and refute suspicions by studying Sharia sciences from their original sources.
  • Deepening his study of the four schools of jurisprudence as a way to reach the Sharia ruling and fatwa that agree with the Book and the Sahih Sunnah without fanaticism towards a particular school of thought.

How to gain Islamic knowledge?

islam classes for adults for the sake of science, as they derive their honor from the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. 

Based on that, and with the spread of modern technology and the ease of its use, many educational platforms on the Internet began to contribute to the dissemination of Sharia sciences, and our talk will be about islam classes for adults provide by Islamco Academy

It is Allah’s mercy upon us in this age that learn islam has become one of the easiest things, unlike what it was in the past, where a man would travel and leave his country and his family for sleepless nights.

In order to learn a single hadith about the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Now, with the push of a button on your mobile device, you can read and watch thousands of lectures and rare books.

Distance educational platforms have also spread for all sciences and various specializations, and one of the wonderful platforms that helps you learn islam classes for adults Islamco Academy.

How to learn faster in Islam?

islamic schools online offers an islam classes for adults, and If you want to get the most out of this course, follow the following tips:

  • Sincerity of purpose to Allah Almighty, and calling to the religion of Allah Almighty with knowledge and insight, and one should be careful not to learn for the sake of fame among people, or to gain honor and ranks.
  • High determination, keenness to read, understand, and memorize, spending money and soul for the sake of knowledge, not hesitating in seeking Islamic knowledge, keenness to read the biographies of scholars, and following their path.
  • Sincere determination, as islam classes for adults cannot be obtained without effort, but rather it requires perseverance, seriousness, continuity, and staying away from despair in seeking and attaining knowledge.
  • The company of good people who help in the pursuit to learn islam and encourage each other to read, study, research, memorize, and attend scientific seminars and advocacy conferences.
  • Having good morals, represented by contentment, chivalry, a cheerful face, tolerance of people, humility, dignity, and preserving the rituals of Islam and the Sunnah of the Prophet.
  • Eagerness to receive and learn islam from its people, who are scholars who have spent their lives seeking knowledge.
  • Taking the islamic schools online as a role model and imitating him. Therefore, the sheikh must be a jurist, an educator, and a visionary. 
  • Choosing a specific book for study. For example, one begins by studying books on monotheism, jurisprudence, or other books, and after mastering each book, one moves on to other books, and so on.

What is the Islamic way of studying?

In addition to, islam classes for adults there are two ways to learn islam:

1-Learn from sheikhs known for their knowledge and good conduct

Thanks to Allah, they are present in every country. Now in our electronic age, it has become easy to see and hear their explanations over the Internet if you cannot bend your knees to them. 

It’s easy. Go to the mosques and you will find them holding seminars and lessons. Finally, we will leave you with a number of legitimate electronic platforms that act as a professor in this era. You can participate in islamic schools online and follow their curricula while at home.

2-Learn directly from books

But it is not recommended for beginners; Because it is a difficult road. He resorts to it if he is forced and does not find anyone to teach him. The references include an answer by Sheikh “Ibn Uthaymeen” – may Allah have mercy on him – to the question “How do I seek knowledge?”

How to start Islamic studies at home?

Dear Muslim, in addition islamic schools online, knowledge without good manners and morals is useless knowledge. If you do not practice islamic schools online and work with it, then it is an excuse against you. You must also know the size of the assignment that you will have; Knowledge is not only an honor. 

The first step is to ask Allah for help, and ask Him to give you understanding, grant you wisdom, and improve your character, and for knowledge to be an argument for you, not an argument against you.

In the doctrine: it begins first with the Book of Three Principles, then the Book of Tawhid, then the Book Revealing Doubts by Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, then the book of the Wasitiyyah Doctrine by Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah.

Then start in jurisprudence, and there is no harm in studying a jurisprudential text from one of the recognized jurisprudential schools of thought, such as (Bidayat al-Salikeen – Umdat al-Fiqh – Matn Abi Shujaa – Matn Khalil). 

Our intention is not for you to be fanatical towards a particular school of thought, but rather for your study to be an organized study based on recognized principles, so that you will be strong in your pursuit of knowledge. So follow the evidence and do not be fanatical towards a particular doctrine.

It should be noted that the previous books must be studied through memorization and understanding. Be sure to acquire tapes of scholars who explained these books, such as Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, Sheikh Muhammad bin Uthaymeen, Sheikh Abdullah bin Jibreen, and others. 

Then, after completing jurisprudence, take a book on interpretation, and start with the book by Taysir al-Karim al-Rahman fi Tafsir Kalam al-Mannan by Sheikh Abd al-Rahman bin Saadi, may Allah have mercy on him, then Tafsir Ibn Katheer.


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At the conclusion of the text, learn islam from the things that a Muslim searches for, especially if it is from reliable sources based on Sharia, Hadith, and the Holy Qur’an. Therefore, on Islamco Academy, we offer specialized islam classes for adults aimed at instilling the values and teachings of Islamic Sharia to every Muslim through applied methods.

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