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It is no secret to anyone that Islam is an integrated way of life. islamic studies for kids is based on education that takes the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet as a way of life, and the upbringing of the Companions and Followers was based on it, as it combines self-discipline and purification of the spirit, while enhancing the culture of the minds.

islamic study for kids strengthens the bodies and aims to raise the Muslim individual and the Islamic society as a whole, with an integrated Islamic upbringing in all aspects, whether spiritual or material, 

in the light of a comprehensive Islamic view that cares about the individual and the extent of his ability to achieve his legitimate desires that will guarantee him a comfortable life in this world and the hereafter, through his proper behavior and derived daily practices. 

islamic studies for kids

At Islamco Academy, we encourage children to take responsibility for their learning and to participate as much as possible in reviewing and reflecting on how they learn.

The mission of islam study for kids is to strive for excellence in teaching, learning and research in the academic study of Islam as an implementation of the vision of Muslim and multicultural education. In islamic studies for kids, we work hard to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop students’ understanding of the place of the Holy Qur’an in Islam.
  • Providing students with a general understanding of Islam and how to be Muslims.
  • Developing students’ awareness of the history of Islam.
  • Promote appreciation of Islamic ethics and etiquette through a personal code of practice.
  • Prepare students to contribute in both Islamic and multicultural environments.
  • Providing students with the skills they need to pursue lifelong learning.
  • Developing students’ critical and analytical thinking.

What Islamic Studies to teach to kids?

islamic studies for kids is defined as the integrated upbringing of the Islamic society and the Islamic individual in which the material and spiritual aspects are taken into account through the Islamic outlook. 

islamic study for kids also cares about the individual and prepares him to solve his problems. Among the most important rules of islam study for kids that the child needs are the following:

First, methods of teaching the Holy Quran:

Teaching the Holy Qur’an to children aims to educate them and strengthen their connection with the Book of Allah Almighty, help them recite it correctly, refine their souls, and enhance their linguistic wealth of words and structures. Teaching the Holy Qur’an to children consists of several steps:

  • Training the child to listen to the Holy Qur’an. And what it requires of etiquette, reverence, and good listening.
  • Preparing for the verses that will be recited; To arouse their enthusiasm to know its subject, and to understand the provisions and meanings it contains. And stimulate their minds to the lessons and lessons it contains.
  • The typical recitation of the text, which is a recitation characterized by consideration

Judgments, quality of performance, and representation of meaning.

Second, Methods of teaching the Noble Prophet’s Hadith:

The noble hadith is everything that was taken from the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace

And peace be upon him, whether in word, action or report, is the second source of legislation after the Holy Qur’an. And the afterlife Teaching Hadith is based on several steps:

  • Creating the appropriate religious atmosphere of reverence and calm. And listen well.
  • Preparing for the talk that will follow with the aim of exciting them. Know your subject.
  • Read the hadith correctly by the teacher. Taking into account the quality of performance and representation of meaning.

Third, Methods of teaching beliefs:

The topics of the doctrine curriculum revolve around the attributes of Allah, faith in Him, obedience, fear and love that are due to Him, faith in His messengers, angels, books, the Last Day and its judgment, and doctrine, the origin and basis of religion. Teaching the doctrine curriculum is based on several steps, the most important of which are:

  • Motivational preparation.
  • Presentation of Qur’anic and Prophetic texts related to the topic. Doctrine, and reading it is a good read.
  • Assign students to read it in groups or individually, depending what the situation requires.

Fourth, Methods of teaching worship:

Worship, in its general sense, includes all the duties assigned to it by Allah

His servants, or enacted by His Messenger – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – and it is in

Its special meaning is represented by prayer, zakat, fasting and Hajj. Teaching worship proceeds in the following steps:

  • Motivational preparation by asking some questions about the topic the decision.
  • The teacher explains to his students in an easy and verbal manner. Familiar with the importance of worship and its benefits.
  • He shows them conversation boards that show the stages.

Worship, and the teacher accompanies his students to the place of worship.

How to learn Islam for kids?

islamic studies for kids is one of the important points that the Islamic religion focuses on because of its importance in preparing good generations.

Islam pays great attention to the smallest details of islamic study for kids, because the child is the foundation building block of society and is the most important responsibility that a person will be asked about on the Day of Resurrection.

islam study for kids is an extension of good deeds and a great reward for the educator. By raising a good child who prays for him, a person guarantees a continuous increase in good deeds in the balance of his deeds.

  • Every educator must be familiar with the most important basic points on islamic studies for kids, so that he has the correct standard and the correct reference upon which to evaluate his actions and words.
  • Telling them the stories of the prophets will help to endear them to the Islamic religion, in addition to the fact that the stories of the prophets show the greatness of Allah and His oneness.
  • Telling them about the miracles of the prophets, such as the miracle of the moon splitting, and the miracle of Moses’ staff, will bring into their hearts humility and reverence for the command of Allah.
  • Doing religious competitions. When their desire for fun and play is mixed with something valuable, they can spend a lot of time learning through fun.
  • Their memorization of small surahs of the Qur’an.
  • Teaching them how to pray and its importance in achieving the things they desire.
  • Introducing them to prayer and its method, as it is one of the first duties, so you can call them to pray with you.
  • Endearing them to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his family.
  • Watching religious videos develops their mentality towards the Islamic religion.
  • Taking a walk in nature and contemplating Allah’s creation, and telling them that all these creatures are Allah’s creation, so they can feel His greatness.

What are the benefits of Islamic education for children?

islamic studies for kids is one of the most difficult things for parents. Because of its impact on the behavior and morals of children in the long term, parents must pay attention to everything related to upbringing and mastering its principles. 

It has been reported from some of the predecessors that they used to choose the best teachers and discipline for their children, and it is out of love and kindness from the Creator to the parents, as he addressed them with the attribute of faith. In addition, the importance of islamic studies for kids is summarized in the following points:

  • islamic studies for kids is in response to Allah’s command and following the example of His Messenger in assuming the responsibility of caring for children and educating them by learning about the biography of the Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – and his honorable companions and using the methods they followed in raising their children. 
  • islamic study for kids is part of the great responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of parents, which cannot be neglected. 
  • islam study for kids is the basis for protecting children from deviations, teaching them what will benefit them in this world and the hereafter, improving their behavior, accustoming them to good morals, and preserving the integrity of their nature.
  • islamic studies for kids makes children strong in the face of desires, suspicions, and misfortunes. Because good education makes a person an observer of his Lord, in addition to qualifying him to play his role in serving his community and nation.
  • islamic study for kids is a reason to stay away from extremism, fanaticism, and destructive ideas of Islam, and a basis for bringing children to higher values, altruism, and patience.
  • islam study for kids is a means to improve and reform the future. Because the children who are being raised today are the future of the nation and its pillar, and the reason for the nation’s pride and elevation.


In conclusion, islamic studies for kids is one of the best modern methods that aim to raise an Islamic generation that is raised on the principles of Islam and applies them well. Because of our belief in the role of islamic study for kids, Islamco Academy offers various courses in the field of islam study for kids.

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