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There is no doubt that learning the Arabic language and its rules is extremely important, whether for children or adults alike, as it is the language of the Qur’an, Islam, and sources of legislation. 

To make learning the Arabic language fun for children, teachers use arabic games for kids, which encourages the child to learn and creates an environment fun, so in the following paragraphs we will learn about the arabic games for kids online, and how the teacher uses it to convey information to the child.

arabic games for kids

arabic games online are one of the modern methods used by parents and teachers to make the process of learning the letters of the alphabet easier and more enjoyable for the child, and it also facilitates better reception of information. 

Therefore, Islamco Academy offers some arabic games for kids online, which you can also use at home with your child, ensuring a learning process for you is easy and fun.

How to teach Arabic to a child?

In addition to arabic games online, there are other tricks that help you teach letters to your child, including:

Direct learning

This step is one of the most modern and widespread steps now, and it depends on the presence of a teacher who begins to teach the children the rules of the Arabic language and explain them until the child understands them. 

One of the disadvantages of this step is the psychological pressure that the child faces while learning, and reducing learning the Arabic language to a means of passing exams, not having fun.

Learn Arabic online for children

This step is one of the most effective steps, as it combines the advantages of the previous steps in terms of explaining and interpreting the language, in addition to having fun while learning the Arabic language for children such as using arabic games for kids.

Language games

There are many fun language arabic games for kids online that help them understand the Arabic language and enjoy it as well, including:

  • Crossword puzzles for children.
  • Puzzle Games.
  • Complete the missing sentences.

Traditional and new Arabic stories

In addition, arabic games online. This step is one of the important steps in learning the Arabic language. All you have to do is collect an interesting collection of stories written in classical Arabic for children.

Tell them before bed or during a summer session among you, and open the door to discussion about what they learned from the traditional story or tale that you told them.

Singing and chants

When it comes to arabic games for kids online. This is a step that can be activated anywhere. Just play chants, chants, or singing pieces in classical Arabic periodically, and with repetition and the passage of time, children will hum them and learn the language by hearing what pleases the heart.

Arabic language lessons

This is one of the most enjoyable steps as well. All you have to do is search for online Arabic language lessons for children and you will find a group of the best online educational courses for learning the Arabic language at Islamco Academy.

In addition to a group of educational video clips that contain drawings and cartoon characters that motivate the child to understand the Arabic language with enjoyment and happiness.

How do you make teaching letters fun?

One of the best ways to attract a child’s attention while learning is to use arabic games for kids, so we at Islamco Academy have prepared for you arabic games for kids online, which help the child learn the letters well. Here are some other tips that help you teach your child in a fun way:

Using pictures: 

Pictures that contain letters and shapes that appear help the child to link the word he sees in the picture to the letter on it.

And thus learn better with the diversity of picture ideas. It is like trying to encourage a child to remove similar letters from a series of letters and pictures.

Toys and games: 

In addition, arabic games online. Play continues to be the biggest entertainment for children, and there are many arabic games for kids online that encourage the child to learn letters more easily, for example.

By printing fish-shaped letters on the back of papers, then choosing a fish from the child’s knowledge of the letter written on the back or In a large space, draw letters and encourage the child to focus on the letter that we pronounce to him.

What is the best way to teach letters?

It is worth noting that there are other means and methods of entertaining education in addition to arabic games for kids, and among these means are the following:

Using colorful books to teach children

Children can be taught letters easily by using some tools with colors and drawings, such as books that contain colorful pictures of the alphabet.

As the child’s activity increases with those drawings, and he can increase the time in recognizing the letters and pictures in these books.

Teaching children the sound of letters

One of the best ways to learn Arabic letters is to teach children to pronounce the letter sounds and help them develop their various skills and creativity in phonetics.

Letter games and stories

You can download games and stories about letters on mobile phones, computers, and many devices, and make them usable by children. 

This method is considered one of the best ways to learn Arabic letters for children, and it is internationally approved in teaching children the alphabet, because it combines benefit, education, and seriousness with play, fun, and entertainment. 

Watch videos about learning letters online

Speaking of arabic games for kids online. The many attractive and brilliant colors on video and television screens arouse children’s attention.

So they become ready to memorize letters quickly and create an incentive for them to do so. This is why they should watch videos from educational websites for children.

Using paper and plastic table games

There are many board arabic games online designated with Arabic letters and available for purchase from toy and baby supply stores and bookstores.

Writing letters on different topics with the child

It is good for the mother to instruct her child to write letters in wooden, watercolor, wax, or any available materials, as this method increases the child’s opportunity to write and have fun at the same time.

Manufacture of foods and dishes in the form of letters

If the mother can make cupcakes, cookies, and other various things, using sugar paste or any other materials.

It is advisable to produce for her child the desired sweets for him in the form of alphabet letters, so that she can help him pronounce them and memorize their shape and ways of writing them.

Show him cards with large letters

One of the best ways to learn Arabic letters for children is to show your child cards for the letters and follow his learning and create them in different ways. Such as: clay dough, thread, and other methods.

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In conclusion, there are many modern methods that help you teach the Arabic language to your child in an entertaining way, including arabic games for kids provided by the Islamco Academy, which is a method that combines fun and teaching, so that your child receives the scientific material in a simplified manner.

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