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The Arabic language is considered one of the most important and difficult languages to learn, as it is spoken by approximately 6.6% of the world’s population, but in light of new technological developments, it has become easier for you to learn the language online with an online arabic tutor.

And there are many non-Arabic speakers who want to learn the Arabic language at the hand of an online arabic tutor, so today we will present Here’s how to choose your private arabic tutor, and what is the importance of the Arabic language in Islam.

online arabic tutor

Learning Arabic online is easy with an online arabic tutor. You will learn Arabic easily with our private arabic tutor that covers the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In addition to live classes with our qualified online arabic tutor; Available throughout the day. So, here are the most prominent features of studying the Arabic language with private arabic tutor at Islamco Academy:

Interactive learning

  • Interactive learning; By practicing the language with native private arabic tutor, and interacting with other learners under systematic supervision.

Study methodology

  • Live lessons, interactive activities, assessment tests, and reports

Placement test

  • Placement test, and the ability to know your progress at each stage.

Enriching features

  • A rich library of video and audio clips, illustrations and educational stories.

Learning without restrictions

  • Learning in free time and according to the daily program; Without being tied to a specific place, and without restrictions or barriers.

Follow up on progress

  • You can determine your level in the Arabic language, and track your progress in eight study levels.

The importance of learning Arabic in Islam 

The Arabic language is the oldest living language on Earth, and there is disagreement among researchers about the age of this language. We find no doubt that the Arabic that we use today has existed for more than one thousand six hundred years.

And Allah – Glory be to Him – has ensured the preservation of this language until Allah inherits the earth and those on it. As The Almighty said:

{إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر و إنا له لحافظون}

So here is the importance of studying the Arabic language with an arabic tutor near me:

The Arabic language has been able to accommodate different civilizations

Arabic, Persian, Greek, and Indian, contemporary with it at that time, and to make them one civilization, universal in orientation and humanistic in vision, for the first time in history. Under the Holy Qur’an, the Arabic language became a global language, and the mother language of many countries.

The importance of the Arabic language stems from several aspects: The most important of which is: its close connection to the Islamic religion and the Holy Qur’an. 

Allah chose this language from among the languages of the world to be the language of His Great Book and to reveal the final message in it.

Arabic is also the key to Islamic and Arab culture

In addition to an online arabic tutor. Arabic allows its learner to learn about the cultural and intellectual dimensions of a nation that has been on the throne of the world for several centuries and has left a huge cultural legacy in various arts and various sciences.

The Arabic language is one of the strongest ties and links between Muslims

As the language is one of the most important components of unity between societies. Since ancient times, the nation has been keen to teach its language and spread it to those interested in it, regardless of their races and colors, and it still does. 

Arabic is no longer a language specific to Arabs alone, but has become a global language sought by millions of Muslims in the world today because of its connection to their religion and Islamic culture. 

We are also witnessing a desire to learn the language from non-Muslims to communicate with the people of the language on the one hand and to communicate with the Arab and Islamic heritage on the other hand.

Teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers is a fertile field

Due to the large demand for the language and private arabic tutor, and the lack of efforts made in this field on the other hand, many official institutions and educational bodies have sought to provide something in this field.

But the demand for the Arabic language cannot be compared to the efforts made, no matter what universities in the countries provide. Arab and official organizations’ efforts continue to require more and more.

Free resources to learn Arabic 

It is worth noting that there are many resources that help you learn the Arabic language from an online arabic tutor, including:

Learn Arabic online

Online learning has become popular for many people, and this includes learning the Arabic language.

There are many educational resources online that provide learners with the opportunity to learn Arabic with a private arabic tutor in an easy and convenient way.

There are many sites that provide Arabic language teaching services online, such as Islamco Academy.

Arabic language learning courses

Joining Arabic language courses is one of the important steps that can be taken in order to learn the Arabic language with an arabic tutor near me in an easy and effective way.

By joining Arabic language learning courses, you get the opportunity to learn the Arabic language accurately and systematically, thanks to the presence of a comprehensive educational plan that covers all aspects of the Arabic language.

Such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening, and the teaching is done by a qualified online arabic tutor with experience in the field of teaching.

Moreover, joining Arabic language courses is one of the most effective ways to learn the Arabic language, as it provides the opportunity for intensive training in the use of the Arabic language in various life situations.

Listening to Arabic conversations and watching Arabic movies and series

Watching Arabic movies and series and listening to Arabic conversations are two effective ways to learn Arabic for non-native speakers.

Listening to Arabic conversations helps you learn pronunciation and speaking fluently with a private arabic tutor, provides important new vocabulary, and also translates some Arabic terms into other languages, which helps you understand the meanings of terms and phrases better.

Reading and writing in Arabic

Reading and writing are among the most important skills you need in how to teach Arabic to non-native speakers effectively. Reading is considered a cognitive process and decoding written symbols in order to gain understanding.

Non-Arabic speakers learn how to understand Arabic through reading and understanding written texts with an online arabic tutor.

Writing is also considered one of the basic skills to obtain a good level of Arabic. Through it, ideas and knowledge are documented and communicated with others in an effective way.

Writing enables a person to communicate with others in a clear and understandable way and maintains innovation and creativity in expressing ideas.

Benefits of learning Arabic Islam 

The importance of the Arabic language stems from its great level; It is the language of the Holy Qur’an and the Noble Prophet’sBenefits of learning Arabic Islam Sunnah, and thus it is an integral part of the Islamic religion. So here are the benefits of learning Arabic Islam with Islamco Academy:

  • The Arabic language is considered the largest language of the Semitic group, and it is also the most widely spoken language in the world. It is the mother tongue of more than 422 million people, and it is also a secondary language spoken by non-Arab Muslims, and Arabic speakers are widespread in the Arab world.
  • By learning the Arabic language with an online arabic tutor, you will be a reason for spreading virtue among people, and a tool for teaching the meaning of the Holy Qur’an and the language that the Lord of the Worlds has chosen.
  • This contributes to memorizing, understanding, teaching and acting on the Qur’an. It also contributes to understanding the noble Prophet’s hadith, preserving it, explaining it and acting on it. Every knowledge related to the Qur’an and the Sunnah is praiseworthy knowledge and its owner will be rewarded.
  • the private arabic tutor is a direct reason for the spread of Islamic sciences and Sharia culture among all people. Because understanding Islam is based on understanding the Arabic language, whoever helps people understand it has helped understand Islam, and has been a cause of spreading goodness among people.
  • Teaching the language by an online arabic tutor has an impact not only on the learner, but on everyone around him. When the Arabic language learner reads and reads Islamic sources, he is a means of transferring the culture he reads to the culture whose language he speaks, and this is undoubtedly part of spreading the religion and calling for it.
  • Whatever reward the learner of the Arabic language receives, because of his acts of worship and morals that he learned from Arabic, the teacher will have a similar reward and this does not detract from the worker’s reward in the slightest.
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At the end of the text, we cannot deny the importance of the Arabic language for Muslims, so the Islamco Academy provides different ways to master the Arabic language at the hands of an elite group of an online arabic tutor, and if you are looking for an arabic tutor near me, the site also provides you with strong nominations for the best private arabic tutor.

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