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Khatmul Quran Dua

When we finish reading the Holy Quran, what Khatmul Quran Dua should we recite? Let’s investigate because it is the main topic of our conversation today. All Muslims place a great deal of importance on dua, which is how we beg Allah to assist us, solve our problems, and grant our wishes for everything, even when they seem unattainable.       

Khatmul Quran Dua

The last recital of the Quran is marked with the important prayer known as Khatmul Quran Dua in the Islamic tradition. This guide of khatmul Quran dua after finishing Quran explores its meaning, importance, and the Islamic custom of finishing the Quran. 

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The prayer that Muslims recite after finishing the entire Quran is known as Dua E Khatam Ul Quran. It is a time for in-depth spiritual contemplation and communion with God. This dua is an expression of thankfulness, pleading for pardon, and addressing specific demands to Allah.

This dua’s timing is what makes it significant. For many believers, finishing the Quran is a great accomplishment, and this dua connects the act of recitation to the rewards that accompany it.

In Islam, finishing the Quran, or Khatam, is a highly regarded custom. It marks the conclusion of a cycle of recitation as well as a fresh dedication to comprehending and applying the lessons found in the Quran. Our Learn Quran Online with Tajweed Course might help you improve your recitation abilities, so don’t be afraid of that.

What is the Khatam Quran method to say Khatmul Quran Dua?

When the fasting month draws near, we begin looking for the most efficient manner to read the whole Quran in a single month and in the end say Khatmul Quran Dua.

Ramadan is a time when we prioritize praising God and engaging in various forms of prayer, including reciting the Quran. To assist you complete Khatam before the end of the month, here are some measures to take.

Begin with the correct goals in mind:

Setting the goal to complete reading the Quran by the end of the month should be your first action.

In order for Allah to assist you along the journey, the first step is to set the purpose before you begin reading.

Setting out with the purpose is the first step in performing the khatam Quran. Allah will provide us with the fortitude and inspiration we require to finish our journey.  

Be determined to finish reading the Quran:

Merely intention is insufficient. You need to be determined enough to start reading the Quran and keep going until you have read it in its entirety.

This also holds for the Khatam Quran: if you desire to do something, you will do it regardless of whatever that gets in your way.

You will be guided and motivated to attain your goal if you have the correct purpose and are determined to do it.

Select the most effective method for you to perform the Khatam quran:

There is no one right technique to complete the Khatam Quran; there are a variety of approaches that may or may not be effective for you.

For instance, someone may declare, “I want to read two juzu every day this Ramadan so I want to do khatam Quran twice.” Someone else will discover that this is quite difficult and wish to complete the Quran only once. He will thus read one juz each day.

The Quran makes it clear that each of us is unique in some manner. Every single one of us has a unique style of thinking and living. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses, and our differences from one another allow us to grow as a community.

The capacity to read more than or less than one juz of the Quran is one of such distinctions. Some would finish a certain amount of pages in the Quran and pick a certain time of day to recite it. While others might like reading whenever they get the chance.

Four Methods for Reading the Qur’an Then say Khatmul Quran Dua

The following are some possible techniques for you to consider:

One juz (about twenty pages) of reading should be done every day to memorize and perform the khatam Quran. You might decide to employ one of the subsequent tactics:

  • After every required prayer, you can read four pages per day.
  • Alternatively, read four pages a day: two before and two after each Fardhu prayer.
  • Read five pages in the morning, five pages at lunch, five pages in the afternoon, and five pages at night, as an alternative.
  • In the morning and the evening, read ten pages each.

As you can see, there is no one right approach to complete the Quran; instead, you must decide what is most effective for you. 

Continue to recite the Quran regularly:

To complete khatam in a month then say Khatmul Quran Dua, reading the Quran daily will not be simple; you will need to invest time and energy in determining which approach is most effective for you.

Eventually, the procedure will get simpler and the habit of regular Quran recitation to complete the Khatam Quran will become natural.

Thus, if reading the Khatam Quran is your aim, you should do it daily. Eventually, you will develop the habit of reading the Quran every day.

Enlist a family member or friend to travel with you:

The proverb “who you spend time with determines who you become” is well known. You should locate a support system that will sustain your motivation to finish the Quran.

Making the incorrect buddy decision might hurt your life, so choose wisely. The ideal buddy will always inspire you, provide you with support, and be there for you no matter what.

Locate that individual and read the Quran together. This will greatly inspire you and prevent you from becoming tired or giving up on reciting the Quran since you will make a buddy who will support you in keeping up with it.

The words Khatmul Quran Dua and their translation

Arabic Translation of the Dua:

“اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي قَدْ قَرَأْتُ مَا قَضَيْتَ مِنْ كِتَابِكَ الَّذِي أَنْزَلْتَهُ عَلَى نَبِيِّكَ الصَّادِقِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَ آلِهِ فَلَكَ الْحَمْدُ رَبَّنَا”

Interpretation: “I have read what You have commanded from Your Book, which You revealed to Your true Prophet—may Allah bless him and his descendants—and I have recited it, O Allah. We give thanks to our Lord.”

Transliteration: “Allahumma inni qad qara’tu ma qadayta min kitabika alladhy anzaltahu ala nabiyyIka alssadiqi salla allahu alayhi wa alihi falaka alhamdu rabbana”

What Takes Place After Reading the Whole Quran?

We are getting closer to the time when many will be undertaking what is known as Khatm of the Quran, or finishing the entire reading of Allah’s word, as Ramadan draws to a conclusion then they surely will need to Khatmul Quran Dua.

Your pray may accepted:

According to a number of narrations, after the Quran is finished, kindness appears, people’s pleas are heard, and hundreds of angels respond to their requests by saying, “Ameen.”

We are aware from the early community that once they finished reading the entire Quran, they would meet together with their kids and families.

They would act in this way since it was often believed that prayers were received at this time.

However, it also emphasizes to us the value of maintaining a relationship with the Quran. We need to rekindle our relationship with Allah’s book this month.

One sign that we should do so, according to these scholars, is that as soon as we finish reading the entire Quran, we should start with chapter Al-Fatihah and read the first section of chapter Al-Baqarah to get a sense of optimism before continuing to read the rest of the Quran and in the final read Khatmul Quran Dua.

Boost Your Relationship with the Quran:

However, the purpose of reading the Quran during Ramadan is not only to read it during Ramadan and not to maintain that connection outside of it; rather, it is to restore that connection and provide us with a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to the Quran so that we may carry on with this beyond Ramadan.

We also hope that everyone of us would routinely do a khatm of the Quran. Let’s aim to complete one khatm year, despite the fact that we are the slowest readers. If you’re a little bit quicker, let’s aim to do two khatms annually; if you’re a little bit quicker, let’s have a greater objective.

We should aim to finish reading the Quran every two months, or perhaps every month, for those who read reasonably quickly. and others who are reciting the Qur’an more quickly might be able to finish it more than once in a month. Then, our relationship with the word of Allah will come to life.

We hope that the concept of Quran khatm will catch on in our local communities and wherever we practice Islam, enabling us to once again connect to the everlasting voice of our Lord and reap the blessings and mercy that come with the book of Allah.

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