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Starting on the journey to learn quranic arabic online has emerged as a pivotal and accessible initial stride in the quest to understand the Quran. The necessity of Quranic Arabic in commencing the exploration of the Quran is undeniable, especially given its crucial role in ensuring accurate pronunciation. Amidst various commitments, the flexibility to learn quranic arabic online becomes a solution, allowing learners to overcome the challenges of time constraints and seamlessly integrate this essential aspect into their lives.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of learning Quranic Arabic, particularly through online platforms, and explore the initial steps to commence this transformative journey.

learn quranic arabic online 

Learning Quranic Arabic stands as a profound endeavor with far-reaching importance for individuals seeking a deeper connection with the Quran, it transcends linguistic proficiency—it is a gateway to a more profound, meaningful, and spiritually enriching connection with the divine revelations.

Technology opens new avenues for learning, individuals now have unprecedented opportunities to learn quranic arabic online, bringing the beauty of Quranic Arabic within reach

Now we will learn about why to learn quranic arabic language online.

Why to learn quranic arabic language online

Here are the advantages to learn quranic arabic online:

1-Overcoming Geographical Barriers:

One of the most  significant obstacles that often diminishes motivation for  learning is the challenge of location. This issue may be associated with the inability to access proficient teachers in the vicinity, and even if they are found, transportational  constraints may hinder our ability to attend. 

Hence, to learn quranic arabic language online eliminates these barriers, providing an educational environment right in the comfort of your own home.

2-Time compatibility 

Online learning provides the flexibility to tailor your Quranic Arabic studies around your schedule. Whether you have work commitments, family responsibilities, or other time constraints, best online quranic arabic courses allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

3-Best instructors at your home 

Starting to learn quranic arabic online, connect learners with experienced instructors and scholars. These proficient Arabic teachers are capable of providing you with a solid foundation that will fortify your journey with the Quran on a robust Arabic basis.

4-Community-driven motivation

If you struggle with maintaining consistency, you may lose that initial motivation. The learning journey remains incomplete when undertaken alone. Immersing yourself among peers and scholars will help sustain your progress.

5-Affordable for everyone and tailored to your needs

Cost-effectiveness is achieved through various avenues, allowing you to select the desired number of lessons or courses. Additionally, there are no transportation or location-related expenses for teachers, making the overall costs significantly lower regarding the traditional courses.

best online quranic arabic course

There are several factors that influence your choice of the suitable platform, and one of the most important of these factors is the curriculum used in teaching Quranic Arabic. Therefore, we will review the most important of these curricula and the fundamental differences between them.

1-Noorani qaida quranic Arabic course 

About Noorani qaida

The Noorani Qaida is considered one of the oldest curricula to  learn quranic arabic online and is attributed to Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqani. 

It has been widely utilized, particularly for teaching children and non-Arabic speakers, as well as those who are not proficient in reading and writing. 

The instructional approach of the Noorani Qaida begins with familiarizing learners with the Arabic alphabet, the characteristics and articulation of each letter. Subsequently, students are introduced to the script and meanings of the letters, similar-looking letters, and the diacritical marks in the Arabic language. Additionally, it encompasses the student learning the pronunciation of Arabic letters and the fundamentals of Tajweed.

Advantages of noorani QAida 

1-Child-Friendly Approach:

The Noorani Qaida is specifically designed for teaching children, providing a child-friendly and engaging learning experience.

2-Suitable for Non-Arabic Speakers:

It proves beneficial for non-Arabic speakers and those who are not adept at reading and writing in Arabic.

3-Foundation in Arabic Alphabet:

Establishes a strong foundation by introducing learners to the Arabic alphabet, including their characteristics and articulation

4-Script and Meanings:

Guides students in understanding the script and meanings of each letter, along with distinguishing similar-looking letters.

5-Diacritical Marks and Pronunciation:

Covers the diacritical marks in the Arabic language and facilitates the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters.

6-Introduction to Tajweed:

Initiates students into the fundamentals of Tajweed, enhancing their understanding of the proper recitation of the Quranic text.

2-Noor al-bayan quranic arabic course 

About “Noor Al-Bayan”:

The author of the book “Noor Al-Bayan” is Professor Tarek Al-Saeed. The primary goal of his book is to assist children with weak reading and writing skills, as well as to aid non-Arabic speakers in learning to read and write. The book gained significant popularity in Egypt over the past two decades. Subsequently, Professor Tarek created a supplementary book titled “Al-Fawaid Al-Hisan fi Sharh Noor Al-Bayan,” providing an explanation of his method


1-Assistance for Weak Readers and Writers:

“Noor Al-Bayan” is designed to specifically aid children with weak reading and writing abilities.

2-Help for Non-Arabic Speakers:

It serves as a helpful resource for non-Arabic speakers, facilitating their learning of reading and writing.

3-Supplementary Explanatory Book:

Professor Tarek Al-Saeed authored a supplementary book, “Al-Fawaid Al-Hasan fi Sharh Noor Al-Bayan,” providing detailed explanations of his teaching method.

4-Structured Learning Units:

“Noor Al-Bayan” is organized into distinct learning units covering various aspects, such as the Arabic alphabet, vowel signs, elongation, sukoon, tanween, shaddah, Tajweed rules, Quranic and orthographic spelling.

5-Quranic and Orthographic Instruction:

It includes units on Quranic and orthographic aspects, enhancing the understanding and application of these principles.

 Munat Al-Rahman in Teaching Children the Quran:

About this book 

In her specialized book on educating and nurturing children, titled “Munat Al-Rahman in Teaching Children the Quran,” the esteemed author, Latifa Qazamel, presents one of the best curricula to learn quranic arabic online, valuable  gift to all individuals involved in the upbringing and education of children. 

This gift proves to be a remarkable resource for specialists in the field, practitioners, as well as non-specialists desiring to systematically and educationally teach their children in a straightforward manner.


1-tailored for 3 years old children and more 

The book offers a tailored and comprehensive curriculum specifically designed by the author for children as young as three years old.

2-Empowering Children

The primary goal of the curriculum is to empower children to read the Quran and apply the correct rules of Tajweed from any position in the Holy Quran.

3-Simplified Educational Approach:

The book provides a simple and integrated educational approach, making it accessible for both specialists and non-specialists.

4-learn quranic arabic online in eight months

Educators can implement the curriculum in just eight months, as explained through the educational tools provided in the book, covering shapes (foundations), pronunciation, recitation conclusion, Tajweed rules.

Al-Qaida Al-Baghdadiya“:

About this method

Authored by Abu Nouran Hamed bin Abdulhamid, a Yemeni national with experiences in Yemen, Baghdad, and Egypt, “Al-Qaida Al-Baghdadiya” is designed to facilitate fluent Quranic reading. 

Best curricula to learn quranic arabic online specially for adults.

Evidence of its effectiveness is demonstrated by student  achieving fluent Mus’haf reading within two months of using “Al-Qaida Al-Baghdadiya.”

The author divided the curriculum and method he followed into six lessons, urging children to study them sequentially. A student should only progress to the next lesson when they have mastered the current one completely.



The book’s extreme simplicity aids in easy comprehension.


It stands as a reliable and commendable resource.

3-Comprehensive Foundation:

Addresses all fundamental aspects of teaching reading and writing for children.


1-Age Suitability:

The book’s layout may be more suited for adults than children.

2-Visual Appeal:

Lacks visually engaging elements that typically captivate children’s attention.

Frequently asked quiestions 

Can Arabs understand Quranic Arabic?

Yes, Arabs can understand Quranic Arabic due to linguistic similarities with their native language. The shared linguistic roots aid in comprehension.

Where can I study Arabic and Quran?

You can study learn quranic arabic online

 Or  at local Islamic centers offering dedicated courses. Numerous institutions provide both in-person and virtual learning options.


Embarking on the journey to learn quranic arabic online through platforms like IslamCo Academy using effective and comprehensive methods is highly encouraging. Programs such as “Al-Qaida Al-Baghdadiya” cater to a diverse audience, while “Munat Al-Rahman” provides a comprehensive approach for children. Arabic-speaking individuals can easily grasp Quranic Arabic, deepening their connection with the sacred text. Whether opting for local centers or online platforms, abundant opportunities exist for studying Arabic and the Quran.

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