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The Arabic language is considered one of the oldest languages ​​on the face of the Earth, and it is one of the languages ​​that carries the most ancient cultures due to its use by most previous civilizations. 

Learning at online arabic school has also become one of the goals of many people, especially non-native speakers, who seek to acquire it due to their different needs for learning it. Whether that is for the purpose of learning it as a matter of study.

Or for new muslims who seek to memorize the Holy Qur’an, or because some people need it in translations, as well as in some jobs and professions. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we will discuss learning in arabic school online.

Learn the Arabic language easily in online arabic school

The online arabic school meets the needs of the field of teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers by providing an integrated electronic program that allows the study of Arabic everywhere in the world.

Without time or geographical restrictions for the largest possible number of those wishing to learn with an unlimited capacity, bypassing the obstacles of traditional education and saving the educational cost and the consequences of travel and transportation. 

Providing arabic school online for non-native speakers, achieving the latest international standards and best practices in learning and teaching languages, through a pioneering electronic curriculum that helps spread the Arabic language and its culture around the world.

The level of online arabic course with certificate is strong and distinguished because we are keen to develop the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in professional ways, so that the student masters his language as quickly as possible.

online arabic school full of fun and interest, instilling a love for the Arabic language. We take great care to make children love their Arabic language by implementing activities that take into account their talents and inclinations.

Arabic language for non-native speakers

Teaching the Arabic language at arabic school online for non-native speakers is considered one of the jobs that most require the availability of a lot of experience and skills for the teacher wishing to practice this job.

Due to the difference in teaching the Arabic language to speakers of Arabic dialects from it to non-native speakers, and thus it is easier for Arabs to learn Arabic language for non-native speakers.

In the first stage of teaching the Arabic language at online arabic school.

The teacher begins by teaching the Arabic sounds represented by the letters of the alphabet and their correct phonetic outputs, with the necessity of clarifying the phonetic output of each letter.

Then, in the second stage, it moves to teaching the student the types of words between (noun – verb – letter), and how to distinguish between them. Then, it moves to the third stage, which is teaching vocabulary and its various meanings through pictures and situations depicted via video.

The fourth stage at arabic school online begins with teaching sentence structure and its types between nominal and verbal, distinguishing each of them separately, then starting to teach linguistic structures.

And basic Arabic grammar, then the teacher moves to the fifth stage, represented by practicing the previous substitution and transformation exercises, as well as expanding the sentence to acquire The learner has more vocabulary.

How to learn Arabic alphabet online?

In addition to online arabic course with certificate. There are many games that help teach children the alphabet and which make them attracted to it as a speaking strategy, including:

Slow motion game

One of the games that is based on educational cards in which a person hides the educational card and asks the child to guess the existing letter.

By talking about it or some words that point to it and begin with it. With each correct answer, we support the child or obtain a point until he passes the stage completely.

Letter touch game

Here we place flashcards and the child begins to touch the letter he will talk about and keeps it until the end of the game, mentioning several words that begin with it, or mentioning five animals or five vegetables that begin with that letter.

Hide flashcards

We can arrange the letters and the child begins to know each letter and hides it until he obtains a large set of cards and is the winner in the end after keeping many flash cards while playing and obtaining a tally of capital letters.

Find the cards game

We can take the letter card and raise it to the top and the child begins to search for some things in the room that begin with that letter or point to some pictures that will make him win at the end of that game.

Steps to learn Arabic grammar online?

Many non-Arabic speakers today need to learn Arabic in online arabic school to fill some jobs that require a person to be proficient in a number of languages, including Arabic with complete proficiency. 

Therefore, they resort to one of the institutions that teach Arabic to non-native speakers, or by booking through the Internet and obtaining educational classes in the Arabic language.

The methods of learning Arabic at arabic school online for non-native speakers also vary according to the learner’s desire, as well as his circumstances, time, and financial capabilities. Therefore, most of the methods for learning Arabic for non-native speakers can be monitored as follows:

  • Learn Arabic for non-native speakers through online arabic course with certificate.
  • Learning the Arabic language to non-native speakers through some programs aimed at teaching the correct pronunciation of the Arabic language and reading.
  • Learn Arabic for non-native speakers through video clips of various situations in classical Arabic.
  • Learning the Arabic language to non-native speakers through short stories and animated images.
  • Learning Arabic for non-native speakers online through Arabic language training courses via the Internet, which is one of the most effective ways to achieve effective results in learning classical Arabic.

Although the benefit that students obtain from learning at online arabic school varies through the previous methods, learning the Arabic language for non-native speakers online is one of the most important modern learning methods.

The benefit of which has become clear in the learners’ ability to speak fluently and master the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Therefore, Islamco Academy pays great attention to teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers by offering its various courses to suit all those wishing to learn the Arabic language with their various goals.

Advantages of learning in arabic school online

The foundations of teaching at arabic school online to non-native speakers are clear, as the teacher teaching Arabic to non-native speakers needs to possess a set of basic abilities and skills, which make him capable and qualified to teach to non-Arabic speakers, and these skills are:

  • The teacher’s confidence in himself and in his extensive experience in achieving the objectives of the educational session.
  • The ability to manage class time in proportion to the scientific material being presented.
  • The teacher monitors the student’s weak points and then addresses them through the lessons.
  • The teacher has a minimum of patience to convey information to the student.
  • The teacher’s ability to speak classical Arabic fluently at online arabic course with certificate.
  • The ability to speak the students’ mother tongue or at least possess the English language due to its popularity as the most popular language used around the world.
  • The teacher possesses a minimum level of communication skills and uses them to explain the scientific material to the student.
  • The teacher has multiple strategies and moves between them to suit the diversity of students’ levels, thinking patterns, and level of intelligence.
  • The teacher memorizes the minimum portion of the Holy Qur’an, which enhances his abilities in the Arabic language by providing examples and citing verses if necessary.

In addition to the above, it is necessary for the teacher to take into account the psychological aspect of the learner by speaking in the language he understands without conveying to him a feeling of his low intelligence or the teacher’s suffering in understanding him.

In addition to the importance of the teacher staying away from giving examples of customs that are inconsistent with the learner’s culture, as well as taking into account the social aspect of the learner by mentioning customs. 

Shared if the teacher wishes to present illustrative models, in addition to the necessity of not interfering in the ideological aspect of the student if he follows a religion other than the teacher.


At the end of the text, studying in online arabic school is one of the best modern methods used in teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers, so Islamco Academy offers the possibility of studying in arabic school online.

Which includes many advantages for students. Ad this studying system is also accredited, as it is available with an online arabic course with certificate, so we provide students with all the features they are looking for.

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