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The arabic grammar rules is considered one of the most important and powerful languages in the world, due to the broad meanings, concepts, and horizons it carries. Its great importance lies in the fact that it is, firstly, the language of the Holy Qur’an, and secondly, it is the language of the Arabs and Muslims who are fluent in it and speak it. 

However, a good contemplator in the classical arabic rules of grammar can call it “easy and difficult”, because whoever speaks it sees that it is easy and flexible in its speed of understanding and mastery. 

Sometimes, while those who delve deeply into it see its difficulty in terms of its grammatical and linguistic rules, at other times. So in the following lines we will discuss all arabic grammar rules.

arabic grammar rules

The arabic grammar rules are not only important for students of the Arabic language, or for school students, but rather they are important for every Arab person, as the arabic rules of grammar is a people’s culture and identity.

And whoever wants to write an article, conduct a television interview, conduct a job interview, or even receive a foreign tourist, he must master at least the basics of all arabic grammar rules. Therefore, Islamco Academy offers multiple ways to learn the Arabic language.

What is the best way to learn Arabic grammar?

The arabic grammar rules or the science of arabic rules of grammar is considered a sport of the mind, and it is an integral part of the sciences of the Arabic language that the student needs to be able to understand the sciences he is studying and make the most of them. 

Hence, we explain below the most important steps that help Arabic learners understand the basics of the all arabic grammar rules, the most important of these steps are as follows:

Insistence on learning

Insisting on learning arabic grammar rules and regularly attending and listening to lessons are important reasons for understanding the basics of the Arabic language. It is also preferable to commit to studying under one of the distinguished Arabic language teachers and sheikhs.

Who are known for their interest in teaching the arabic rules of grammar and the sciences of Arabic grammar, with their ability to understand and understand. 

reading books

Make sure to carefully read some useful books that help you master all arabic grammar rules, in addition to getting you accustomed to eloquence, and practicing eloquent methods with the practical application of all arabic grammar rules studied while reading. 

You can also refer to some grammatical books that are simplified in their presentation, and try not to move from one topic to another. Another, except after understanding and mastering the first subject well and practicing it as well. 

Learning by listening

The tongue becomes accustomed to what the ear is accustomed to hearing; Therefore, it is recommended to listen to the Holy Qur’an a lot and get used to its recitation, as well as listening to eloquent, purposeful media programs.

Or some eloquent poetic poems that are recited properly, or following some simplified lessons from some scholars or teachers who explain or speak in an eloquent, eloquent manner that works to apply the arabic grammar rules while speaking.

Take advantage while having fun

Taking advantage of the opportunity during some friendly sessions or dialogues between friends, family, and relatives and using the classical language during those dialogues helps you develop your linguistic skills. 

This may seem comical at first glance, but in reality it is one of the useful ways to get used to applying the arabic rules of grammar and its basics in a proper way. 

It sticks in your mind, and you must know that continuing with it will help you master your language, understand its rules, and refine and straighten your tongue while speaking.

Be careful

Beware of separating theoretical study from practical application of grammatical rules or the basics of arabic rules of grammar. Because this chapter makes the rules of the Arabic language mere memorized, dry, and deaf rules that are not suitable for application and experimentation. 

On the contrary, continuous practical application of the rules and basics studied in your daily life helps you fix those rules in the mind and link them to the linguistic reality for which they were developed, and thus you can learn the rules of the language.

Study and review

It is always recommended to review the lessons that have been completed from time to time in order to ensure their stability in the mind. It is also necessary to continue reading some eloquent texts and articles by some well-known eloquent writers, whether in the contemporary or ancient era. 

It is also useful to summarize those articles and record the summary in a special notebook. Trying – as much as possible – to adhere to the most important arabic grammar rules and the studied rules of spelling and punctuation. 

Try it yourself

One of the wonderful ways and methods that help you learn all arabic grammar rules and its methods is to try, in some of your free time, to speak an eloquent language, applying the rules that you have studied. 

You can also write a few lines of your own on some topics, and then review them according to the grammatical rules that you have studied to ensure that they are correct. 

Practical application

One of the useful means in learning the basics of the Arabic language is to apply the studied rules in practice to texts and some verses of poetry, as well as verses of the Holy Qur’an. You can represent the rules while reading articles, poems, or the Holy Qur’an.

And search for the corners of the sentence and their positions with all care, and if you encounter some difficulty in accessing or interpreting some words and knowing their grammatical position makes it better to refer to the teacher.

And seek his opinion to arrive at the correct interpretation and solution. Also, continuing to apply all arabic grammar rules while reading develops fluency and linguistic skill and gives you the ability to speak in an eloquent and distinct style.

Keep some basics constant

The learner must memorize some arabic rules of grammar and fixed basics that the teacher refers to and asks you to memorize and focus on. Because memorizing these rules helps you understand and practically apply them later in a good way. 

It is not possible to apply the rule and answer questions related to it without memorizing it. For example, if you know that the subject is always in the nominative case, then when applying and practicing speaking or writing, you will make the subject in the nominative case during your speech and writing.

Graduation from simple to difficult

One of the important rules and guidelines in learning arabic grammar rules is to start by learning the simple and easy rules and gradually move on to the more difficult and more complex issues. 

Curiosity should not lead you to outpace the teacher in trying to memorize some of the difficult or controversial lessons so that you do not become bored or despair. 

How long does it take to master Arabic grammar?

According to Islamco Academy, the duration of learning the arabic grammar rules depends on several factors, such as the extent of your dedication to learning, previous experience in learning other languages, and the goals that you want to achieve by learning that language, and this is evident as follows:

  • Beginning level: To achieve a basic level of speaking and understanding, it may take a few months (3-6 months) if you use the resources extensively and practice regularly.
  • Intermediate level: To develop your skills more deeply and increase your ability to communicate with native speakers, it may take a few additional months (6-12 months).
  • Advanced level: To reach a level where you can read and understand literary and more complex texts, and articulate fluently, may take longer (an additional 1-2 years).
  • Professionalism: If you aim to use the Arabic language professionally, such as translation or working in a specific field, it may take years to achieve a high level of professionalism.

How can I improve my Arabic skills?

Every person seeks to improve his arabic rules of grammar, but he may still face obstacles that stand in his way, and these obstacles may begin to appear as soon as a person begins to feel a lack of enthusiasm and a lack of interest in improving his Arabic language. 

That is why a person must set a specific goal before his eyes and fully commit to it in order to reach his goal of improving his level of language. In order for a person to achieve his goal, he can resort to reading some books that talk about the rules of spelling, punctuation, the art of grammar, parsing, and diving into the sea of eloquence.


At the end of the text, there is no doubt that learning the arabic grammar rules is extremely important for every Muslim, so that he can read the Qur’an and learn the provisions of the islamic religion well. Therefore, the Islamco website offers multiple methods that help the Muslim improve his Arabic language.

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