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Communicating with an online hifz teacher is something that everyone prefers, especially if the student is young, as a hifz teacher online with good experience is able to manage the class and deliver information to the child, regardless of his level. Therefore, through the following paragraphs, we will learn about the elements of a good online hifz teacher, and how you can search for an online quran teacher near me.

Learn Quran online from home

Learning the Qur’an online is one of the most in-demand things in the recent period, especially if the hifz teacher online is good, so here are some tips that will help you read and memorize the Qur’an well:

  • In order to read correctly, it is very important to learn the rules of Tajweed before memorizing it because it is essential in learning. Tajweed can be learned through an online hifz teacher if it is difficult to go to a mosque and attend sessions explaining the rules of Tajweed.
  • Listening to a specific sheik at home. Then read backwards once, twice, and three times until you can recite the verse alone without the Sheikh, and this is repeated with each verse.


  • Repeating each verse more than once after knowing the correct intonation for it. Then moves on to the next verse, then finishes reading 10 verses, then repeats from the beginning.But for 10 verses together, or less or more, depending on the length or shortness of the verses.
  • Partial division of the surah, parts of the Qur’an, or pages.The person divides it into parts before memorizing it, and writes the division he prepared so that it is written in front of him. It has been proven that written goals are achieved more quickly and easily than oral goals.
  • The memorizer of the Qur’an must revise every time.It is possible to choose suitable times for memorization according to an online hifz teacher, as dawn is one of the appropriate times for memorizing the Qur’an.

Best online Quran classes 

Islamco Academy is an endowment electronic platform for memorizing the Qur’an online for adults and children at the hand of hifz teacher online. This platform aims primarily to help a very large number of teachers, organizations, and various charitable organizations interested in teaching the Qur’an.

The online hifz teacher always seeks to teach the Holy Qur’an in an easy and smooth way to different nationalities and ages, whether adults or children. In addition, it relies on the use of the latest technologies and is keen to invest distinguished educational cadres and includes a wonderful elite of various scientific and academic degrees.

Because we all know very well how important the Holy Qur’an is in our lives and its status and virtue, as it is one of the greatest and most important miracles of Allah Almighty in the universe, so Allah has given everyone who learns and teaches the Qur’an a high status and has singled out these people and favored them over all other Muslims.

online hifz teacher

Islamco Academy is an online center for teaching the Holy Qur’an and the provisions of Tajweed using modern educational methods with qualifications and experienced online hifz teacher.

Our organized courses of the Holy Quran and Tajweed rules will help you achieve your goal and memorize and recite the Book of Allah with an online quran teacher near me.

Studying with Islamco Academy also includes many advantages, so here is an overview of the characteristics of studying with us:

Practical applications:

We provide the opportunity for the child to film his performance in prayer and ablution and to narrate a Quranic story in an audio broadcast.

entertainment activities:

We provide children with recreational activities on a regular basis, such as songs and entertaining stories with a moral significance, to keep children away from the usual routine of learning.

Faith activities:

In addition, hifz teacher online. We assign children faith-based ideas filled with practical activities that attract the student with their design and colors.

Periodic meetings:

We hold a meeting for parents to inform them of the child’s academic level and behavioral assessment at the end of each course and to hear their opinions and suggestions.

Periodic evaluations:

online hifz teacher conducts a test at the end of each week to ensure the student’s understanding and the extent of his mastery, so the student completes his memorization after passing it. 

As for the final tests, they qualify him to move to a new stage and obtain an accredited academic certificate.

A female teachers for women and girls:

Women and girls are taught by a highly experienced online quran teacher near me of the Holy Quran in recitation, memorization, and metaphors.

A program to teach the basic rules of reading:

Teaching the basic rules of reading by an online hifz teacher, so that the learner can read correctly and control the exits and adjectives of letters. This is done by studying grammar books with a proficient and competent teacher.

suitable prices:

Islamco Academy welcomes students to join its interactive community with affordable fees that suit every student

Efficient teachers:

The online hifz teacher are well trained to deal with students of different nationalities and different student levels.

They are highly experienced and talented in dealing with the difficulties of learning the Arabic language and the Holy Quran. We understand the educational needs of children, so we choose the most qualified teachers for this purpose in order to achieve the highest goals.

Quran memorization teacher 

The hifz teacher online has many qualities that qualify him to carry out this lofty mission that Allah Almighty has honored him to do. These qualities are only an example and are countless, and the online hifz teacher must be characterized by these qualities and add to them these qualities, which are:

Innate characteristics:

These are the qualities that online hifz teacher was born with, developed in him, and remained inherent to him. They are:

  • Sincerity and correctness of purpose: This is a condition for accepting the work.
  • Good morals: Since good morals replace a lot of work, it is one of the reasons behind people’s acceptance of preachers.
  • Humility: It is one of the best and kindest morals, and it is the reason for entering Paradise and for people to accept a person’s invitation.
  • Justice: It is a good quality that calls for acquiring the rest of the morals, and makes the actions last.
Cognitive qualities:

It is based on a hifz teacher online knowledge and knowledge, which are:

  • Sharia knowledge: It is general knowledge of the Sharia principles.
  • Specialized knowledge: by mastering correct reading and familiarity with the provisions of Tajweed in detail.
  • Educational knowledge: This is through his knowledge of Quranic and Prophetic education methods, how to deal with students, and others.
  • General culture: This is by knowing the minimum required in life’s affairs and the facts and events surrounding it.
External characteristics:

These are characteristics that express a hifz teacher online appearance and reflect his nature. They are:

  • Joviality and sincere smile
  • Good appearance and appearance, following the example of the Messenger and his companions.
  • Correct pronunciation and good eloquence, because through it good education is achieved.
Professional qualities:

These are the qualities that express an online quran teacher near me work in his life and his experiences in this work, and they are:

  • Educational experience: the ability to control students and deal wisely with their problems.
  • Personal strength: This is the teacher’s self-confidence due to his long experience in this field.
  • Mental strength: What is meant is the level of intelligence and sophistication that qualifies to acquire Islamic knowledge.

At the end of the article, an online hifz teacher must have many moral and ethical qualities, which we mentioned in detail within the paragraphs of our article. In addition, Islamco Academy offers an elite group of hifz teacher online with great experience in the field of teaching the Qur’an and the provisions of Tajweed, so do not be lazy to communicate with us.

How to become Hafiz online?

You can memorize the Qur’an online by participating in the Qur’an memorization courses provided by Islamco Academy, and it is worth that these courses are suitable for different age groups.

Can you become a HIFZ on your own?

Of course yes, you can memorize the Holy Qur’an on your own at home, but this requires many skills. In the beginning, you must be proficient in the Arabic language and have knowledge and understanding of all the rules. In addition, you must be proficient in the provisions of tajweed and recitation of the Qur’an.

How do I find a good Quran teacher?

There are many ways to help you search for a Qur’an teacher who has good qualities and is proficient in the rules of Tajweed. In addition, Islamco Academy offers an elite group of teachers with high experience and skills in the field of teaching the Qur’an, with a female teachers available for women.

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