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Do you seek to study Quran online with your family? If yes then you are in the right place.

Islamco Academy offers you a variety of Quran online classes for you and your family to choose from. Quran learning plays a perfect role when it comes to bonding with your family or friends. You will not just learn how to recite Quran and perfect your recitation, you will also become closer to each other and be encouraged to keep learning.

Here are some of the best online Quran classes for you and your family.

Top Study Quran Online Classes by Islamco Academy.

Do you seek to study Quran online with your family? If yes then you’ve arrived at the right place. You can enhance your comprehension of the Tajweed rules and the Quran by taking advantage of the online classes provided by Islamco Academy. With the help of our Quran Teachers, you can learn from the comfort of your home from highly skilled and experienced instructors. Our Teachers use entertaining and engaging teaching methods, and they have over nine years of experience in teaching to both adults and children. This makes our courses the ideal choice for family learning, both kids and adults will enjoy the lessons.

We understand that the Tajweed rules and the Arabic Quran may intimidate you and give you the impression that they are difficult to understand and learn, but this is not correct. You need a teacher who can explain the rules clearly and demonstrate how to apply them correctly. If you seek to study Quran online and learn the tajweed rules then online courses are the best choice, especially when learning with your family. 

Here are the best online Quran classes that will help you and your family learn Quran easily and in a fun way.

1. Learn Tajweed Quran classes.

With the help of an expert Quran tutor and our study Quran online with Tajweed classes, you will quickly grasp all of the Tajweed rules. You will acquire the skill of reciting the Quran flawlessly and correctly, just like our beloved prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to.

Among the subjects this course covers are the following:

  • Introduction about Quran Tajweed, what is it, why is it important, and how will it benefit you.
  • The various rules of Tajweed Quran, when to use each one of them, and how.
  • What is Basmalah, when to say it, and why?
  • What is Isteaazah, when to say it, and why?
  • The Arabic alphabet and the articulation points of each letter.
  • The correct pronunciation of the different Arabic alphabet.
  • The various shapes of the Arabic letters.
  • In our online Quran classes with Tajweed you will learn when to stop reciting Quran and why.
  • You will learn when to keep reciting Quran and why.

 2. Tajweed For Beginners.

This is the right course for you if you have no prior knowledge of Quran Tajweed and you seek to study Quran online with your family. Our highly qualified and experienced Quran teachers will work with you from the beginning of the course and break down the rules into easily understood chunks.

Some of the subjects taught in our beginner’s online Quran classes with Tajweed include the following:

  • An overview of Quran Tajweed, including its definition, significance, and benefits.
  • The different Tajweed Quran rules, including when and how to apply each one.
  • How, when, and why to say basmalah?
  • What is the Madd rule, what kinds of Madd are there, when should you use it, and how?
  • What are the heavy and light letters, and how are they pronounced?
  • What are Noon Sakinah & Tanween’s rules, and when should you apply them?
  • The application of the Izhaar rule.
  • When to apply the Idgham rule.

3. Tajweed For Adults.

It’s never too late to master the correct recitation of the Quran, and with our online learning of the holy Quran with Tajweed, you can easily achieve your dreams. You can learn tajweed at any age; you don’t have to start learning it at a young age. Here are some of the things that you and your family will learn in this Study Quran Online with Tajweed course:

  • The various Tajweed rules and their guidelines for application.
  • What is basmalah, and why and when should one use it?
  • What is the Madd rule, what are its variations, and when and how should one apply it?
  • The Noon Sakinah and Tanween Rule.
  • When should one apply the Izhaar rule?
  • When should I use the Idgham rule?


4. Advanced Tajweed Course.

With our Advanced Tajweed Course, you will learn all of the complicated rules of Tajweed with ease and enjoyment. You will be able to use and apply everything you have learned, so you won’t even need to go over the lesson again. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to practice Quran recitation in front of an expert and skilled native Arabic teacher who will help you study Quran online in an effective way.

The following are some of the subjects taught in our advanced tajweed rules course:

  • We will go over all of the Advanced Tajweed rules, including when to stop and resume.
  • Where to begin reciting the Quran and how to do it.
  • You’ll learn how to avoid the common Tajweed errors.

5. Quran Recitation Course.

You will learn how to read the Quran with Tajweed and how to apply each rule simply in the Islamco Academy Quran recitation course. You will also acquire the skill of stutter-free Arabic Quran recitation. Thus, this is the appropriate course for you if you want to learn how to read the Arabic Quran and the different tajweed rules.

The following are some of the subjects covered in our study Quran online course on Quran recitation:

  • An introduction to the Arabic alphabet, including how to pronounce and read each letter.
  • combining Arabic characters to form words.
  • interpreting short sentences.
  • Read words that are challenging for you to read.
  • Our online classes will teach you how to recite short verses from the Holy Quran.
  • You will be able to read the Quran fluently by the end of the course.
  • Learn tajweed rules in an easy, fun, and effective manner.
  • Practice reading the Quran.


6. Online Quran Classes For Adults.

In addition to learning to read the Qur’an with Tajweed, you will learn how to recite the Arabic Qur’an simply in our adult Quran classes. You will also practice your recitation with a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. The following are some of the subjects this course covers:

  1. Tajweed rules and how to use them to improve your recitation of the Quran.
  2. Practice the Quran with an accomplished Arabic speaker who is a native speaker.
  3. Confidently and flawlessly recite the Quran.
  4. Acquire the ability to read the Arabic Quran and memorize its verses.


7. Quran Classes for Beginners.

This Study Quran Online course is appropriate for you and your family if you are a beginner who wants to learn how to read the Arabic Quran and the fundamentals of Tajweed. Among the topics covered in these online Tajweed Quran classes for beginners are the following:

  1. The Arabic alphabet, including its articulation points and proper pronunciation.
  2. What are the short vowels (Qasrah, Dammah, and Fatha)? 
  3. How to join Arabic characters to create words.
  4. The various varieties of Tanween (Qasrah, double Fatha, and Dammah)
  5. What are the letters Sukoon and Saakinah?
  6. What is the madd? How do you apply its letters?
  7. Shaddah and how to use it.
  8. The Qalqalah.
  9. Practice reciting the Quran.

 Why Study Quran online with Islamco Academy?

To make our Quran online classes fun and easy to understand for kids and adults our teachers employ games and activities, you will learn each rule from our Quran teachers easily and enjoyably and practice how to apply it. Once the lesson is over, you will know how to apply the rule flawlessly; all you need to do now is review and practice it together with your family which will encourage you all to keep learning and give you the best learning experience.

You don’t have to worry about your busy schedule because our study Quran online classes allow you to learn from the comfort of your home. All of our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are free to learn whenever you want, and your teacher will assist you in creating a schedule that works for you and keeps you learning. So, you don’t have to worry, you and your family can simply choose a time that suits you all.

There is absolutely no need for you to worry about the cost of the course. To guarantee that you learn the Quran and reach your objective without any obstacles or challenges, all of our classes are reasonably priced and accessible. Our goal is to make the journey of study Quran online easier for all Muslims worldwide. For this reason, we offer the best courses with highly qualified and experienced teachers with the most reasonably priced online classes. 

With Islamco Academy studying Quran online Classes you get to master Quran recitation in a heartbeat, all you have to do is choose the course that suits your level and start learning right away. 

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