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Teaching alif alphabet arabic to children is one of the important basics and pillars that help the child in teaching him and developing his ideas. Therefore, the child should learn the alphabet in easy and simple ways and methods so that he loves them and learns them very well. 

It is important not to force the child to memorize the alif arabic alphabet, because that will make him hate them. He feels distressed by her, and here the father and mother, and most importantly the mother.

Should choose the appropriate methods to learn the arabic alphabet alif to their children in an interesting and smooth manner, free of complications, and in this topic we will show you the best easy and simple ways to teach children the alif alphabet arabic.

How do I teach my toddler letters?

There are many ways to teach children the alif alphabet arabic, and the best of these methods are those that rely on play and bring enjoyment to the child, and among the best are:

Reading alphabet books

You should read all kinds of alif arabic alphabet books to your child, even if he is very young. Repetition will help your child learn the alphabet at an early age. There are many books that you can buy, which explain the letters to children in a fun way, combined with colors and pictures.

Raised letter cards

Using raised letter cards is a great way to teach children the alphabet. This activity is considered one of the ideal pre-writing activities for children, because your child will use his fingers to trace the letters on the cards.

You can tell the child where the letter begins and in which direction he should move to read and write it. Prominent letter cards are also one of the methods used in Islamco Academy curriculum for children to learn how to read letters.

Alphabet puzzles

Teaching arabic alphabet alif to children using alphabet puzzles is a great tool for teaching. It is a wooden puzzle of letters with distinctive pictures. It is also considered a great way to learn letters, vocabulary, and language skills.

Sensory activities

While some children learn letters very quickly, others need more repetition and time to learn the alphabet.

Children learn best when they have many experiences with multi-sensory letters. 

One of the distinctive methods is the alphabetical ice mining activity. You can also create a sensory tray and do a matching activity to match the connected letters to the odd ones. Or practice writing letters in the sand, such as a sensory writing tray.

Alphabet prints

You can make alphabet printables that help children learn alif alphabet arabic with ease. You will need to make dot marks or dot stickers for the child to connect the dots to each other.

The use of bullet points is also a wonderful thing that involves more than one sense in the learning process. Such as hand, eye and fine motor skills.

How can I memorize the Arabic alphabet?

It is worth noting that there are many ways that help your child memorize alif arabic alphabet, including:

Singing letters:

There are many songs for each letter of the alphabet that make learning letters more fun for the child. Short videos of letter songs can be shown in front of your child and repeated with him repeatedly.

Letter matching game:

Bring cardboard cards and write the letters of the arabic alphabet alif on them, then write them down again in order in a table and ask your child to place each letter card on the same letter written in the table.

Connecting letters to words:

Write words that begin with each letter on cards of paper and put all the cards in a box, then ask your child to take out the cards that begin with a specific letter; This will help him link letters to words, so he will not forget them later.

Linking letters to different information:

When your child is able to recognize letters, ask him to name a word that begins with a specific letter 

What is the best way to teach the alphabet?

The child begins learning the alif alphabet arabic between the ages of two and three after hearing them when his siblings repeat them or while he goes to kindergarten. The method of teaching alif arabic alphabet to kindergarten children takes place in a set of steps until the child masters the letters:

Reading the letter:

Read the arabic alphabet alif in front of your child, provided that it is written on a board at an appropriate distance from him. The father or teacher points to the letter, then reads it several times and asks the child to repeat it until he memorizes the letter.

Teaching writing letters:

The child must write the alif alphabet arabic after reading it. At first, the father or teacher must hold his hand until he gets used to drawing and writing the letter, then ask the child to write it himself.

Using letter cubes:

You can make learning arabic alphabet alif an entertaining game by purchasing letter cubes for the child to arrange them himself, and repeatedly playing with the letters helps to quickly memorize them.

Connecting letters to reality:

One of the golden ways to help consolidate the alif alphabet arabic in the child’s mind is for the mother to associate it with words from normal life. 

For example, when a child learns the letter Alif, the mother must remind him of the toys that begin with this letter, the parts of the house, and the parts of the body that begin with the letter Alif.

What are the best tools to teach the alphabet?

It is a good thing to use some tools while teaching the alif alphabet arabic, and among the methods that help you in teaching the alif arabic alphabet to the child are the following:

Draw the child’s attention towards letters

One of the effective methods that produces good results is for the mother to try to create some kind of attraction in the method of teaching the child about burns in order to attract the child’s attention, as the first step in education.

The mother must choose the appropriate method to attract the child’s attention to the shape of the  arabic alphabet alif and then its sound

Teach the child the letters in order

According to Islamco Academy, it has been observed that the child benefits from what he learns when he learns it in an organized and sequential manner.

Therefore, the mother can work on teaching the child the alif alphabet arabic in a sequential manner, so that she will always continue with him the same stereotypical image that he received from the beginning of his learning until he grows up.

Choose the appropriate method for learning letters

  • There are several ways to teach and consolidate letters to a child, and every child is different from the other in the way he learns them.
  • Some children are attracted to the formal method, that is, using pictures more than writing, repeating, and copying.
  • Mothers notice that some children are attracted to the method of indoctrination and chanting.

Teaching letters through songs and chants

  • Children at an early age love songs and chants.
  • They are attracted to the music in the chant, even if it is through composing the voice and without instruments or musical instruments.
  • The mother can take advantage of this feature to teach the child letters at an early age.
  • The mother can repeat the letters in a chanting or singing style.
  • It is noted that children desire and prefer this method, as it is more enjoyable for them and creates a kind of enthusiasm for learning indirectly.


  • One of the educational observations on children is that repeating the matter in front of the child helps to consolidate it in his mind faster and in a lively and effective form.
  • Therefore, the mother can adopt the method of continuous repetition and indoctrination in teaching the child the alif arabic alphabet.

Choose help books

  • The mother can choose some booklets and brochures that contain letters in ways that excite the child’s mind, and that are attractive and motivating to him.
  • These booklets and brochures are abundant in public libraries, such as brochures that ask the child to color the letters.
  • There are parts of these notebooks that ask the child to repeat the drawings associated with the arabic alphabet alif.
  • These educational methods and means contribute to teaching the child the alphabet at an early age in a precise, convenient and effective way.


In the end, teaching alif alphabet arabic to a child begins at the age of two, and there are multiple mechanisms that help the mother attract the child’s attention towards learning alif arabic alphabet, such as using activities that include interaction or movement. In addition, there are many courses that help you in teaching arabic alphabet alif for children, such as the courses offered by Islamco Academy.

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